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   Chapter 313 The Superwoman (Part Two)

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Looking up from the files which were piled up like a mountain, Greg saw Wayne's painful face and raised his eyebrows at once. The bruise on Wayne's face was obviously a blow, which made Greg curious.

Wayne was a kungfu master, and Wayne was undoubtedly good at martial arts as there were not many men who were able to hurt him. But who did it to him?

"What the hell is going on?" Greg said in a low voice.

It was almost noon. Leona looked at her watch and said, "Rosa, you were so handsome just now. Could you teach me a few skills?"

Rosa was not sure if she would agree to teach. On the one hand, Leona was too weak to teach. On the other hand, they didn't have much time.

But looking at the eager look in Leona's eyes and Samuel's promise before, Rosa said, "all right, but I can only teach you a little for the time being, and this move works only when the other party is not watching. As for the other things, let's talk about it later!"

When Leona saw that she agreed to teach her, Leona immediately nodded and agreed, saying, "thank you, and I promise to study hard!"

Therefore, sitting in the chair of the coffee shop, Rosa made a brief explanation with her slender fingers, while Leona made sure that she kept in mind every step Rosa said!

Suddenly, her phone rang. It was Maria. She picked it up and Maria's voice came, "Hello, Mr. Ling? "Tomorrow is my birthday. Bond held a party for me, and I wanted to invite you to the party. Oh, by the way, I want you to take your baby with you, okay?"

"Of course, Mrs. Maria. It's my honor to be at your birthday party. See you tomorrow evening!" Leona readily agreed!

In the afternoon, on purpose, Leona got off work earlier than usual and came to the kindergarten to pick up Eden. According to her understanding of Greg, he wou

t him, Leona questioned, "You know the answer. Where did you hide Evan? He is my son. You have no right to take him away. Hand Eden over to me right now!"

Greg looked at her scornfully and said, "Your son? If it weren't for me, how could you have a son? He has my blood in his body. It's my duty to take my son away! "

As soon as she saw that Greg was playing a shameless trick on her, she said, "didn't we make a deal before? You can't take Eden away with you. I can let you meet him. Do you want to go back on your words now?"

On hearing his words, Greg stood up all of a sudden and walked towards Leona.

Leona was forced to a corner. The cold wall behind her blocked her way. She asked warily, "what do you want?"

On hearing that, Greg continued to approach her, grabbed her chin and squinted dangerously, "what do I want? What do you want? I promised you that I wouldn't fight for the custody of Eden's, but I also said that it was based on the fact that you wouldn't go out to find another man. Now you broke our agreement. You have to take the consequences!"

But Leona got rid of his hand and said angrily, "I have no agreement. It's none of your business as whoever I am with!"

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