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   Chapter 312 The Superwoman (Part One)

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But Leona didn't even bother to get rid of Wayne. Of course she knew why Wayne was here. It must be Greg who asked Wayne to come to make trouble for her.

But she was surprised to see Leona. She had a good impression of Rosa. Although Rosa looked cold, Rosa was good at combat.

She had always wanted to learn a few moves and she needed to build a good relationship with Rosa. With a big smile on her face, Leona walked up to Rosa and said, "Rosa, what brings you here? What's up?"

Rosa nodded and said in a cool voice, "yes, Mr. Chi."

Before Rosa could finish her sentence, Wayne cut in, "Miss Ling, Mr. Wei asked me to pick you up."

However, Leona didn't intend to talk to Wayne at all, because she was with the same group of people as Greg. Therefore, she really hated Wayne and didn't like him because she knew the reason why Wayne came to her!

Besides, Leona had already made up her mind. Today was Monday, so she went to the kindergarten directly and brought Eden back. Then, they went back to the residence they had rented. Fortunately, they didn't check out the other two days!

When she left the house earlier, she didn't take anything with her. Now that she was able to stay there, she held Rosa's hand and said, "Come on, let's go to the meeting room and have a talk!"

Rosa was Samuel's secretary. Rosa must have something important to talk to her. Now, Leona and Samuel were comrades, so the conversation between them couldn't be heard by anyone!

When Wayne saw that Leona didn't even bother to talk to him, he immediately stood up and stood in front of Leona. Mr. Wei had already told him to do so. If he failed to bring Miss Ling to see Mr. Wei today, then he would be punished and sent to Siberia to work.

So even if he had to carry Leona on his shoulder, Wayne had to carry her away. Wayne stood in front of the door and said, "Miss Ling, Mr. Wei.

Leona's face, she stood in front of Rosa. She liked the beautiful secretary very much!

"Rosa, you're so handsome!" When Leona came closer to Rosa, Rosa had already put on her coat and shoes. She cast a cold glance at Wayne, who was still kneeling in the corner, and said, "Let's go!"

Later, they left the company and came to a coffee shop. Rosa said, "Mr. Chi asked me to come to you. We have launched a new project lately. He said that as long as you help him with it, everything would be the same as before." While saying, she took out a document and handed it to Leona!

Leona looked through the contract generally, it was similar to the one signed by Cindy and Samuel. Leona shook her head and said, "No, I don't think I'm doing the right thing, but I can recommend you a person. George, the manager of the planning department, should be attracted by this one!"

Wayne, with a dark blue eye, came to the office of Greg. He took a few deep breaths at the door and tried his best. But he didn't expect that there was a superwoman with Leona. It was not his fault that he couldn't complete the task!

He knocked on the door and went in. Lowering his head, Wayne said in a frustrated voice, "I'm sorry, Mr. Wei. I didn't bring Miss Ling here!"

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