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   Chapter 311 Go For Wool And Come Home Shorn (Part Two)

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After having a few words with the general manager, Leona found that he didn't have anything important to talk about and just chatted casually. She stood up and said, "Manager, if you don't have anything important to discuss, I'll go to work. There's a meeting later, and I'll go prepare!"

"What? Okay, go ahead with your work. " The general manager said courteously.

When she went back to her office, all the people were there. Sitting in front of the computer, Leona looked at the USB flash drive with confusion. She remembered clearly that her USB flash drive was on it when she left the office!

She opened her handbag. Much to her relief, the USB was still in it.

"Time is up. Let's go to the meeting room!" Someone came in and made an announcement. Immediately, all people walked towards the meeting room.

The general manager of the meeting was in charge of this meeting. When everyone was seated, the general manager said, "Now please show your business plan to the people of the planning department. Who wants to make a speech first?"

Jessica quickly stood up and said, "if you don't mind, I can demonstrate it to you first!"

Leona smiled politely, "of course!"

Jessica stopped his car in front of a large conference table and took out a USB flash drive quickly. After getting everything ready, he said, "The restaurant we designed is honored and comfortable..."

The slide behind her also lit up. Just as everyone was paying attention to it, a set of love action movies suddenly appeared, accompanied by waves of soft voices, "ah, stop it..."

All of a sudden, except the sounds from the video, the conference room was so quiet that you could even hear a needle dropping. After a short moment of silence, a burst of laughter burst out!

Those who laughed, of course, were men. As for the women, they all blushed and turned their heads away, not watchi

n the future!"

Leona smiled and said, "Don't mind it. We are colleagues and we have to work together in the future. Don't be so stingy!"

Then Leona turned to Jessica and said, "I'm going to treat a big dinner tonight. Please come."

Jessica had always hated Leona to the bone. Now that Leona had invited her, Jessica was even angrier. What did Leona mean? Was she showing off?

She had just won this time. But it was just the first month. There was still two months left before the final result was confirmed. There's still many uncertainties.

With obvious hostility in her eyes, Jessica said, "thank you, but we don't like big meal like this. Enjoy yourselves!"

Looking at Jessica's mean face, Windy muttered, "What are you pretending? You've put that sort of film on the conference room, and you pretend to be pure and lofty. It's disgusting!"

Leona poked her and said, "Forget it. Don't haggle over these things. If they don't want to go, we can go by ourselves!"

"Director Ling, someone is looking for you in the small meeting room!" Someone came over to tell Leona.

When Leona showed up in the small meeting room, she saw two people sitting in the room. One of them was Rosa, the Secretary of Samuel. The other one was Wayne.

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