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   Chapter 308 The Playboy (Part One)

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With a little embarrassment, Leona said, "well Could you please take me in? Just two days. I want to finish a business report. Just give me a room. I won't disturb you and your girlfriend!"

Upon hearing her words, Samuel was stunned at first. Then he put on a bright smile and said, "one day or two days. If you want, you can stay here all your life."

Wayne had been waiting at the entrance of Leona's company since this afternoon. Since he was asked to pick up Leona from work by Mr. Wei, he naturally did not want to delay, so he came early!

Until almost all the people in the company had left, Wayne didn't see Leona come out. He immediately felt that something was wrong. Then he got out of the car and directly walked into Turner!

However, there was nobody in the office building. Wayne realized that he was stood up by Leona again. He stamped his feet on the ground and thought, 'Miss Ling is really troublesome.'

But where did she leave? Why didn't he see her? Since Mr. Wei had left, Wayne had not even left Turner. He had been waiting here.

But he lost her alive. How could he explain to Mr. Wei?

On hearing Wayne's report, Greg was infuriated and scolded, "you son of a bitch! You can't even do this a tiny thing? Go and find her as soon as possible. If you can't find her, you don't have to come back!"

Wayne stared at his phone with a bitter face. He wondered why he was always the one who got hurt when Mr. Wei quarreled with Leona. These two bastards deserved to be killed!

After having a wonderful dinner together with Samuel, Leona wanted to pay the bill. Samuel stopped her and said, "It's men's duty."

With a little embarrassment, Leona said, "but we agreed that it was me who buy you meal today?"

With a big smile on his face, Samuel said: "It's enough for me to have dinner with beautiful wome

s guy?

Samuel replied, "It's easy. I've decided to stay in England for a long time. I won't leave until Greg's company here is destroyed. In that case, of course I have to buy a house, and I bought the house when you were about to sell it. That's all. This way, it solve our problem at the same time, isn't it?"

Hearing this, Leona was relieved and then sneered at herself in her heart. Such a playboy as Samuel was never short of women by his side.

Ever since the day she knew him, his girlfriend had changed even faster than he did when he changed his socks. How could he be interested in her?

Luckily, she didn't say anything excessive just now. Otherwise, it would be too embarrassing!

However, Leona went to the guest room with her laptop. She planned to work in the next two days quietly and planned to do the rest on Monday!

At this time, a woman in enchanting clothes came down from the second floor and said to Samuel, "Honey, you are back. I miss you so much. Do you miss me today?"

Leona raised her head and found that she was a tall, enchanting foreign woman. She obviously hadn't met this one for the last time. As expected, there were a lot of women around Samuel, just as the same as before!

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