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   Chapter 304 A Storm Is Brewing (Part One)

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At the request of Bond several times, Leona came to his mother's house together with him. His mother led her into the room and said happily, "Miss. Ling, my name is Maria. I just want to thank you for not giving up on you. After I wake up, I blamed Bond for let you leave. My family needs to thank you."

"Don't mention it. Don't be so polite." said Leona.

Maria said, "You might think this is nothing but you saved my life. I can't see my son without your help."

At this moment, Daisy, Bond's wife also arrived. The family were busy preparing to thank Leona!

Maria said, "Miss Ling, we just want to have dinner in a nearby restaurant. You don't mind, do you?"

Leona shook her head with a smile, "of course, it's really not that troublesome!"

"No bother at all," Daisy said with great passion. "I don't have anything to do with Bond today anyway. How about we go to the restaurant nearby?"

Then the four of them arrived at the restaurant. Bond reserved a private room and ordered a lot of expensive dishes to entertain Leona.

Leona know that Daisy is in charge of the women's Association for women's rights and interests, and Daisy can help solve problems for women who have suffered domestic violence and unfair treatment.

The more Maria stared at Leona, the more she wanted to know her. Maria asked, "How old are you, Miss Ling?" Did you emigrate to England? Are your family also in England? You are so beautiful. Do you have a boyfriend? Show him to us some day! "

Leona smiled and said, "I am a single mom. I got pregnant five years ago and came here. Now I live with my son!"

However, Leona didn't try to hide anything from them. She just told Maria the truth, and what's more, she didn't even try to conceal it when she knew that Daisy was in charge of women's work.

She kept worrying that as soon as that day came, Greg woul

a meeting with some of her employees. What do you think?"

Before Wayne finished his words, Greg had run out like a gust of wind, Wayne following closely, "Mr. Wei, wait for me!"

The two soon arrived at the downstairs of Turner. And then Greg Wei rushed to the general manager's office of the group like a gust of wind.

The general manager had seen Mr. Wei once when the day the company was purchased. He was nervous immediately as he saw the boss of the company. He stood up immediately and walked to him, and said with a trembling voice, "Mr. Wei, what's going on?"

On the other hand, Greg ignored him and directly jumped out of the office, while Wayne followed him into the office as well. "Bring Miss Ling here right now. Mr. Wei wants to see her."

"Well? Oh, I'll do it right away!" While wiping the sweat from his forehead, the general manager walked towards the door. He thought that it was lucky that he had been nice to Leona in the past, otherwise, he would be fired!

At first, he thought that Leona might have something to do with Mr. Zhang, but now it seemed that she was connected with Mr. Wei directly, which made him even more afraid.

Was that Leona related to Mr. Wei? Anyway, he had to please Miss Ling!

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