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   Chapter 303 Go To A Hotel With Someone Else (Part Two)

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Soon the room was booked. John said, "I have booked the room. It would be a waste if you don't go. I'm just a person anyway, so why don't I drive you there?"

Seeing that they were so warm-hearted, Leona could not refuse anymore. She stood up and followed John out!

At the entrance of the company, everyone left one by one. After sending Leona directly to the room of the hotel, John said, "Well, my task of protecting the beauty has been completed. Wish you a good dream. See you tomorrow!"

Leona smiled gratefully and said, "see you tomorrow!" Watching John leave, Leona closed the door and freshened up. Then she fell on the big bed and fell asleep in a short while!

The soft moonlight poured into the room through the window, but the people outside had turned the world upside down. It was destined to be a restless night.

In the morning, Leona woke up early. The business plan didn't come to an end yesterday, so they had to continue today.

But she had no inspiration now. She simply freshened up and left the hotel.

Not long after she left, the manager of the hotel came to the front desk and said to the people inside: "check if there was a eastern woman called Leona living here last night? Anyone went into her room?"

Soon the front desk found out and said, "There is such a person. A man helped her book a room!"

The manager called Wayne as soon as he heard the news. "Mr. Zhang..."

Wayne finally got the information about Leona. But when he heard that she had just left, he regretted immediately. It was all because there were too many hotels here. He looked for it the whole night. If he had gone there earlier, he would have met her!

But now the situation was different. Although he had found out the information about Leona, he really didn't have the courage to tell it to

! I've been looking for you for a long time. Why did you leave without saying goodbye that day? My mother kept asking me where you were after she woke up."

When Leona turned around and saw it was Bond speaking, she immediately put on a polite smile and said, "What a coincidence! I didn't expect to meet you here. I saw that madam was fine that day, so I left first!"

When Bond saw Leona, he was very happy and said, "Miss Ling, thank you so much that day. I express my thanks to you on behalf of my family. My mother might have been in danger if you hadn't come here. Especially when my mother woke up and found that you were not at home, she blamed me for a long time and insisted that I should invite you home to express her thanks! I didn't expect to meet Miss Ling here today. I'm begging you to come to my mother's home and have a seat. Both my wife and I must thank you! "

What a coincidence! Leona had just come here to observe the terrain and get inspiration, and she met Bond.

It happened that she also wanted to get close to Bond, but she still politely refused him and said, "Mr. Bond is too polite. It's just a small favor. You really don't need to do this. Anyone else would do it!"

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