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   Chapter 301 Don't Try To Escape From Me (Part Two)

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Knowing that Eden had been living in England all these years and that he barely ate Chinese food, Lina decided to put all the delicious food into his little mouth!

And since Greg found Leona, Lina was happy that they finally be together. She liked Leona's well behaved, and her experience showed that Mr. Wei was serious to Miss Ling, and it was also happy for the three of them.

After Lina took Eden back from the kindergarten, she found that there were many strangers in the villa all of a sudden. In the morning, Miss Ling had fired all the servants except her. Who were they now?

However, when Lina went into with Eden, she was told that this place had been sold. She was immediately stunned. What on earth had happened?

Out of her wits, she immediately dialed the phone of Greg and spoke incoherently, "Sir, this is Lina. Something is wrong. The villa is gone. Where should I take the young master?"

Actually, Greg had just finished a long meeting, and was in a good mood when Leona was about to get off work.

Despite her unwillingness to spend these two nights, they were still together. He believed that as long as they could live a little longer, Leona would accept the reality and they would go back to the happy time before!

But at this time, the phone rang and Lina's anxious voice came. Unable to figure out what she was talking about for a moment, Greg said at once, "Lina, don't worry. Tell me what happened."

Leona looked outside. The weather was sunny. The weather in Britain was usually cloudy and rainy. Today, the weather was perfect for walking on foot.

Leona ordered a cup of cappuccino and sat there to drink slowly. She leaned back in the chair and felt extremely comfortable when the warm sunshine shone on her!

This was the life she


You are really a bitch! I just handed over all the procedures yesterday, and today you sell them out. That's fast!

If he was not sure that Leona didn't know that he would give her a villa, he would think that all this was planned in advance!

Is he so disdainful about what I give her? Why was she in such a hurry to sell it? Or did she lack money now? Why didn't she ask him for it?

And according to his investigation, Leona had not owed a debt at all. She wanted to sell this villa on purpose to annoy him. She did not want to live with him anymore!

Greg felt the blood was rushing to his head. 'Leona, you bad girl! Do you think you can escape from this by selling the house?

It's not that easy. I'll find you whoever I want!

Greg was so angry that she turned around and strode away. He wanted to find that woman and ask her why she had done that to him.

"Mr. Wei, please don't leave in a hurry. We've been waiting for you for a long time. It's really a big honor to have you here. Please let me treat you a meal, and of course, please enjoy my new home as well!" Samuel spoke loudly behind Greg with a satisfied smile on his face. He won the first round!

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