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   Chapter 300 Don't Try To Escape From Me (Part One)

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It had been almost a month since Leona came to the company last time. Her proposal was going to be submitted in a few days. This was her first proposal, so she must do it to the best!

When they went back to the company, Leona called her men and said, "Everybody, we're going to hand in the business plan next Monday. It's Monday today. There's not much time. In order not to affect your weekend, we'd better discuss the final plan before tonight, so that we can complete the plan for tomorrow. There may be overtime today, so you'd better be prepared psychologically!"

"Okay!" After the incident last time, John and Wendy had already got along well with Leona, while Xixi had a good relationship with her.

Now the only one Felic who was still angry with Leona. In his heart, Leona took his position of a director of the company. Besides, he had a better education background and more experienced than Leona. As a result, he couldn't accept Leona.

But now he saw that the others formed a team with Leona. Naturally, he didn't want to be isolated, so he joined in.

They were discussing heatedly on the one side and on the other, some men of Jessica's team were looking at Leona with mockery. Jessica had a master's degree, and her men were business elites. What's more, they had been working happily with each other all the time!

The team spirit of cooperation had been deeply rooted in their hearts. No matter how strong a person's strength was, they would all be overshadowed by a team. They all understood this truth!

Among the group of members of Leona, John and Felic were of great working ability while Windy was no worse.

The three of them had their own characteristics both in the design and in every aspect. But with their own special merits, it was harder for them to cooperate.

Because they were all too self-centered and thought their thoughts were the most correct and unwilling to listen to other people's opinions. It was the biggest shortcoming for a team to work!


le night. Naturally, she didn't want to be directly refused.

Xixi didn't dare to argue with the three. Xixi whispered to Leona, "Leona, in fact, I think it's better to open a restaurant for couples. There is only a table that can accommodate two people. It will attract a lot of couples!"

Looking at the several plans in front of her, to be honest, each one of them had its own feature. For a time, Leona did not know which one to choose!

In the blink of an eye, it was time to off work. It suddenly occurred to Leona that she should give a call to Samuel and ask him if her villa was sold. York was still waiting for the money in the hospital!

She took out her phone and found that it was powered off. Then she suddenly remembered that she forgot to charge the phone because of what happened last night. Forget it. Samuel would transfer the money to her account when he sold the villa. There was nothing to worry about!

In addition, Lina drove Eden to the kindergarten and picked him up, so there was nothing for her to worry about. Then she put her cell phone in her bag and continued with the meeting!

Lina had prepared a big and sumptuous dinner, and then went to the kindergarten to pick up Eden from school. Eden was cute and knew what to say to please others. The way he addressed Lina as grandma make her overjoyed.

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