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   Chapter 299 A Chaotic Team (Part Two)

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However, Leona found out that he was a very filial person. He took good care of his mother who was more than seventy years old. Every time he accompanied his mother to church to do week!

His mother didn't live with him. It was on another street not far from his home. She also found out that his mother went to a nearby park to walk the dog every day!

Now that Bond was hard to get through, she would try her best to go for his mother.

Besides, if she could be friends with Bond, Bond would be able to help in a lot of things in the future. His wife, Melissa, was the committee member of the National Congress. Her words could be critical for many decisions.

If you want to be a successful businessman, how can you not develop a good relationship with the government?

Standing in front of the wardrobe, Leona rummaged through the suitable clothes which were all made for her by Greg. All the labels on the clothes hadn't been taken off yet!

After a long time of selecting, Leona finally selected a water blue dress, which was smooth without any pendant on it.

This was her favorite design. Leona wore it, which perfectly showed her beautiful body. After putting on a coat, she put on a pair of white high heels and walked out of the fitting room.

She directly arrived at the cafe opposite to Bond's mother's house. She took a seat by the window, where she could just see his mother's door.

She didn't know when his mother would come out, so she had to wait here!

Leona thought she was so lucky. Not long after she sat here, she saw an old lady walked out of the house opposite her with a Chihuahua.

She had seen the photo of Bond's mother. Leona knew she was right. So she walked out of the coffee shop and followed the lady.

They arrived at a nearby park. Leona was sitting on a bench with a book in her hand, pretending to be reading, but in fact, she was stealthily staring at Bond's mother who was

Leona retold what had happened briefly to him, which made Bond's heart beat faster. He reached out his hand and shook with Leona, saying, "Thank you very much. My name is Bond. What's your name?"

Hearing his words, Leona smiled and gave her name back. She gave the rein of Chihuahua to Bond and said, "I don't think it's a big deal. I believe that no one will leave her alone when they see it. I just happened to be me!"

At this moment, Bond's mother was pushed out of the room. Bond immediately followed her. But Leona didn't stay there anymore. She quietly turned around and left.

She had deliberately created the meeting today, but it couldn't be too obvious, and the most important thing she hadn't expected was that she could directly make Bond acquainted with her. This was something she had never expected before. According to her original plan, it would still take some time before they met!

It was time to retreat now. Feelings needed to be built up slowly. She had already left a deep impression on Bond and she still had a chance in the future!

After coming out of the hospital, Leona looked at the time and found that it was almost noon. There was still a company's routine meeting in the afternoon. She called a taxi and quickly drove towards the company.

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