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   Chapter 298 A Chaotic Team (Part One)

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Of course it was not easy to release her, Greg grabbed her from behind and said, "you ungrateful woman, I gave you a villa, don't you think you should give me something in return?"

Hearing that, Leona turned her head to take a look at him and said, "Giving gifts back is only an act that based on the mutual interest relationship between us. But now, you gave me without requiring anything. So I don't think I should repay you anything!"

Hearing that, Mr. Wei squinted. This woman was really getting smarter and smarter, but he would never do a losing business. He lifted her chin and said, "Who said that I gave you without requiring? I'll ask for my compensation now!" Then he bent over and carried her horizontally towards the main bedroom.

Outside the window, the moon hid itself into the clouds. The gentle moonlight shone into the room through the window and looked at the scene shyly!

Early in the morning, Greg went to the company, and after he left, Leona also got up. Lina had sent Eden to school, and it was a good time that Leona fired all the staff.

Only Lina was brought here from the country. The rest of them had just come here for a short time, and now they all were fired. They panicked. After all, the benefits here were very good!

"What did we do wrong? Why did you fire us?" At this moment, all the people gathered in the hall. Someone stepped out and asked for the reason!

Leona smiled and said, "There is no reason. I just want to change a group of people. Don't worry. The money that should be given to you will be paid at the right amount. You can go to Prosperity Company to find Mr. Wei tomorrow morning, and he will pay the bill. Now I still have something to do, you can pack and leave first!" After she arranged everything, Leona went back to her room on the second floor and took out her phone to call Samuel!

Samuel got up not long ago. It was strang

the land was not developed well, Turner would have no choice but to sell the land at a low price. In that case, Turner would no longer make any money.

As long as she settled down the matter of the land, she would be the general manager of Turner. Then she might be able to enter the headquarters of the Wei Group directly, which was closer to her goal!

Leona had been in England for more than five years and knew a lot about the beggars. They all lived a slow and even punctual life.

Moreover, they paid great attention to building bonds. As long as they developed feelings, everything would be fine!

In the past few days, she had found out that the political commissar who was in charge of the land was called Bond. He was a very cautious person in daily life and seldom participated in any social activities.

This had brought a great obstacle to those who wanted to approach him. In the past few years, Turner had also heard many people trying to take down this man, but because Bond had few hobbies, they were unable to do anything about it!

He didn't love money, and he had a good relationship with his wife. He had never been involved in any gossip with other women, and his career had been smooth. Such a kind of person was almost impeccable!

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