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   Chapter 297 Sell His Villa (Part Two)

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However, Greg saw through her at a glance and said with threat, "do you want people in your company to see us together?"

As a matter of fact, Greg was not afraid of it at all. He really wanted the whole world to know that Leona was his woman and that other men should think twice when he made an idea on her!

But he didn't want to make it difficult for Leona. She was no longer the little wild cat as before. At that time, he could do anything he wanted and didn't fear that she would run away.

But now, Leona was as cunning as a fox. The slightest bit of inattention would drive her away, and she had no scruples except for Eden!

Besides, Eden was his last card. He was not willing to use it unless he had no other choice. The most important thing was that he wanted to win back the heart of Leona!

Although she was reluctant, Leona had to agree with what Greg said. She didn't want others to see that she was entangled with Greg, so she got on the car unwillingly!

He stepped on the gas and the car flew out like an arrow. After driving for a while, Leona finally found that this was not the way to her home. She instantly said angrily, "where are you taking me to? I'm very tired. I need to go home and have a rest. Besides, Eden is coming home from school. I need to pick him up."

Greg said with a broad smile, "of course I'm going back to the villa. Don't worry. Lina has brought Eden back to the villa. And you don't need to pack anything. All the things are in the villa! From now on, that's your home. Today, I have asked someone to send all the formalities to you. Haven't you received them?"

Greg had a confident smile on his face. Leona was so angry that she wanted to leave the shoe prints on his face. He actually took Eden directly there, so that she had to go with him if she wanted to see her son

or was opened, he could hear what was happening.

Greg was determined that if she still didn't come out by eleven o'clock, he would go and catch her himself!

Just then, he heard the sound of the door being opened from outside. He smiled and thought, 'it's time for me to take action!'!

Still fretted, Leona patted her chest and complained, "Why did you sneak up behind me like a thief? You scared the hell out of me."

Sitting in the corner, Greg wore a smile and said, "It's my home. I can walk around as I like."

Leona felt uncomfortable because of his powerful aura, so she moved aside to avoid him and said with a calm voice, "Mr. Wei, it seems that this house is under my name. Why is it your house now?'

With a smile on his lips, Greg raised Leona's chin and moved close to her, saying, "yours is mine, and even you is mine, let alone this house."

Hearing that, Leona tilted her head and escaped his kiss. She said with contempt, "who said I'm yours? Don't flatter yourself. I belong to myself, not anyone else. It's late now. I have to go to work tomorrow. I have no time to talk nonsense with you here! " As she spoke, she hid herself under Greg's arm and wanted to run back to her son's room!

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