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   Chapter 296 Sell His Villa (Part One)

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They had been friends for more than five years. Among them, Leona didn't have many friends, but Janie and Hanni. Therefore, she cherished their friendship very much.

But Janie seemed to have changed a lot after the accident of York, and Janie was even colder to her. Janie had never been kind to her, and she really didn't understand why Janie was like this?

It was an accident as to what happened to York. It wasn't her fault at all. In fact, she was also a victim, but Janie treated her as an enemy, which made her feel unfair!

Moreover, York was her fiance, but Janie acted like a dissatisfied wife. Suddenly, Leona seemed to understand something. Did Janie like York?

"Janie, calm down. Tell me what happened. If it was my fault, I will try my best to make up. Is there anything wrong with York again?" Said Leona calmly.

"Leona, stop pretending to be nice. My company wouldn't have been nearly bankrupt because of Wei Group if it weren't for you. In order to help my family's company, Hanni was forbidden to go inside HIK by his father, and his account was frozen. Now we can't even afford York's medical fees. Are you satisfied now? I really don't understand. Brother York has done everything for you. Are you going to take his life? Are you a human being?"

Hearing Janie's accusation, on a second thought, Leona realized that it must be Greg. This guy was too outrageous!

"I didn't know anything about this. Don't worry. I will give you an explanation." Leona added

With a sad smile on her face, Janie said, "no, thanks. I'll leave Britain with Brother York and go far away from you. I won't see you again, a vicious woman!"

Just now, she received a call from Aunt Zhao, saying that York had been stopped using medicine. Given their current financial situation, they could only go back to the country to recuperate.

Leona didn't expect the situation to be so serious. She had planned to get some more money to transfer i

money in a short time. Leona was in a deep conflict!

The portfolio in her hand was like a heavy object. After a soul struggle, she finally made a decision. Although her self-esteem was important, but the life of York was more important!

York had sacrificed everything for her, so she would never be able to pay him back in the rest of her life. The only thing she could do was to try her best to help him recover as soon as possible!

Now she only had to sell this villa. She estimated that the villa would be worth a lot of money. It could last for a while!

Thinking of that she had turned Greg down yesterday sternly, but was thinking about living in the villa today, Leona couldn't help but sigh!

But she had to keep it a secret. If Greg came out halfway to stop it, it would be troublesome. Besides, she had to find a reliable man to sell the villa, or something bad would happen when Greg heard it!

Finally, it was time to get off work. When Leona got out of the company and was about to walk home, a car screeched in front of her.

The car window was rolled down and Greg's face appeared in front of Leona. "Get on the car!" he said.

She wanted to turn around and leave instinctively. After what happened last night, she was still nervous and didn't know how to face Greg!

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