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   Chapter 294 What An Evil Woman (Part One)

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The fragments of Leona's memory about last night gradually came back to her mind. 'Oh my God, what happened to her? Why is that? Leona dragged her hair with great force.

She just wanted to yell at the sky, no, she had to calm down. Samuel told her to get close to Greg. That was the only way to take him down.

But it was too close. They had been together for more than two years and they had had sex a lot.

But in the past five years, she hadn't slept with York, which made her more upset.

Since it had happened, even if she was unwilling to face it, she had no choice. Now she just wanted to leave here as soon as possible. It was almost the time for Eden to go to school. If Eden found that she wasn't at home last night, would he be afraid?

Thinking of this, Leona hurried to get up. But she had searched every corner of the room, but she didn't find her clothes. At last, she found her clothes which were full of filthy in the garbage can.

Greg opened his eyes early when Leona woke up. He wanted to see what this stupid woman would do after what had happened last night?

However, Leona didn't seem to care about it at all. Her indifference made him feel dissatisfied. According to his experience in women, he could tell that Leona hadn't had any men in the past few years. Otherwise, she wouldn't be as cowardly as she was before.

He had imagined how Leona would react when she got up in the morning. She might scream and cry silently later; she might scold him for molesting her, but she seemed to be fine.

This irritated Greg. Was she used to seeing a man's face every morning?

On the other hand, Greg really didn't know what he was thinking. He hoped that Leona could accept him, but he thought she was too cold to this. He didn't know what happened to himself.

He reached for a cigarette on a nearby small cabinet. During the past five years when Leona had di

't go to your place. I have a home!" Leona said coldly. She didn't struggle as hard as she did just now because she was not as strong as Greg. According to her past experience, fighting was useless.

Now that she couldn't fight against fate, she decided to enjoy it herself. At least she could see the gentleness of Greg.

Greg frowned again. What on earth did she want?

"Your home? It's just a house you rent. You can't even turn around in there!" Greg was very unpleasant with Leona's attitude.

"At least that's where I am. The villa is yours. It has nothing to do with me or Eden. And from now on, you are not allowed to make any decision for me on your own. I have nothing to do with you!" As she said, Leona got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to take a bath. On the other hand, Greg had called Wayne and Wayne would bring the clothes later!

Looking at her back, Greg frowned again. When he bought the villa, it was register with Leona's name, but now she said it had nothing to do with her.

Greg opened the door of the bathroom and Leona didn't cry or scold him anymore as before. Leona just ignored it and continued to bath.

Anyway, what had happened between them had already happened. Now they didn't need to be too sentimental!

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