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   Chapter 293 Let's Have Some Fun (Part Two)

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However, Leona had disappeared. Where had she gone? 'Why can't this stupid woman stop doing this for just one day?' Then Greg turned around and left the hotel quickly.

Leona stumbled on the street. In front of her, she was almost in a haze, unable to tell the southeast and northwest from the dazzling neon light. She only saw countless stars in front of her eyes constantly shaking!

'where am I?'? At this time, her phone rang in her bag. She took it out of her bag by instinct. After trying several times, she finally answered the phone.

As soon as the call was connected, Greg's roaring voice was heard from the phone, "Leona, where the hell are you?"

Under the influence of alcohol, Leona couldn't tell where she was and who was calling her, so she muttered discontentedly, "who are you? Why are you yelling at me? Where am I? I don't know. There are so many lights here. I'm so sleepy... "

"Hey, hey, Leona, where the hell are you? Damn it! " No matter how loudly Greg yelled, he still could hear no response from Leona, so he had to keep driving and looking at both sides of the road.

At this time, Leona passed by the door of a bar and two drunken men came out. When they saw Leona walking in messy clothes, they immediately came up to her and surrounded her, "Hey, beauty, let's play together, okay?"

Leona only felt that her head was heavy and her legs were soft, but her mind was not completely lost. She knew that the two men dressed like Playboys in front of her were not good people, so she instinctively turned around and wanted to leave.

But of course, they would not let her go. One man came over and grabbed her, and the other came to surround her from the side. Seeing that the two people were going to take her away, Leona immediately struggled. "Let go of me. I don't know you at all. Help!"

She didn't hang up and was still on the phone with Greg. And th

Let's see if you dare to drink again!" Greg shouted with anger. He knew that Leona was not herself now but he couldn't help yelling at her!

Finally, both of them finished the shower. Greg put Leona on the bed. The soft light in the room made her look like a fragile porcelain doll. Her black hair cascaded down on the bed, making her more pitiful!

Greg called out, his eyes blazing with fury. That stupid woman had brought him so much trouble tonight. If he hadn't been there in time, the consequence would be imaginable. He should have some fun now.

Greg's eyes darkened. He slowly walked towards the bed.

The night was very long. But their night just began. The breeze gently blew outside the window, revealing the stories of people in this beautiful city!

The next morning, Leona woke up with her head splitting. She felt her throat dry and wanted to get some water by instinct!

However, when she moved slightly, she felt sour all over her body, as if she had been crushed by a truck. She heard steady breathing from the side, but when she turned her head, she saw a face that she had never expected to see at this moment!

'God, what is going on? Why was he here? Looking at the unfamiliar decorations in the room, Leona felt more headache.

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