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   Chapter 291 Because I'm Greg Wei (Part Two)

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Realizing that he had got what she wanted, he lowered his voice. Greg just wanted to remind Leona, but he didn't want to scare her, so he said, "But don't worry, I didn't mean to fight for your son. Actually, if I really thought about it, I've already had his custody. The reason why I didn't do that is that I know it's not easy for you to bring up the child. But I beg you that I can come to see the child at any time. I want to make up for the five years I lost! I'm going to have a talk with you peacefully. You can decide what you should do."

After these words, Greg folded his arms across his chest and looked at Leona, confident in herself. She had to promise his request now, or the consequences would be unbearable to her!

Although Leona was not reconciled, she knew that Greg wasn't threatening her. As long as he wanted, Greg could take Eden away at any time.

At the moment, Leona nodded her head and said, "Okay, I promise you, but you are not allowed to compete with me for the custody of Eden!" This was her last baseline.

Greg remained calm and composed. "Of course. But I'm his only daddy. If you keep pestering him with another daddy, things will be not what I promised."

His words were very clear. He did not allow Leona to look for another man, which was his bottom line.

"You..." Before Leona was about to answer, her phone in the bag rang. It was from Xixi, which urged her to have lunch.

Leona had a look at Greg. It was not a bad idea if Eden stayed with Greg. Greg was Eden's father, and he would not do something to hurt his own child!

"Well, I happen to have something to deal with tonight. You take Eden to have dinner, and I'll be back soon!" said Leona. After saying that, Leona turned around and was about to leave.

Greg grabbed her arm and asked, "you're off duty


No one knew where Leona lived. At last, John suggested, "how about we book a room here so that she can have a rest!"

People all agreed with his proposal. When John held Leona to the room upstairs, Jessica looked at her back and lost in thought.

Greg fidgetily looked at his watch and thought, 'It's already past 11 p.m., and Eden's already asleep, but that stupid woman hasn't come back yet.'

Greg called Leona again and again, but no one answered. Looking at the phone, he became angrier. Did this woman stay with another man at this late hour?

An idea popped into his head, and Greg called Wayne. "Do it and find out where Leona is now." he commanded.

Wayne was lying on a big white bed in the hotel. The hot body in the bathroom was the new model he knew. As long as he thought of what would happen in the next moment, he could not help feeling excited.

However, just as he was sitting on the ground to do some exercise and about to stretch his arms, the phone on the table next to him suddenly rang.

He kept cursing in her heart who on earth would call him at this time. He couldn't help but cry when he heard what Greg said on the phone. He didn't know a boss could be like.

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