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   Chapter 286 I'm Afraid You Won't Have The Ability (Part One)

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Looking at Rachel, there was obvious admiration in Samuel's eyes. Suddenly, he changed the subject and said, "In fact, I think we are a perfect match. If we were together, we could get all the money we earned."

He had had a crush on Leona since five years ago, but before he took actions, Zachary was taken by Greg.

Five years later, when he met with Leona again, he found that his previous feeling did not disappear. On the contrary, it was stronger. In his eyes, Leona was more mature and charming, as if she had grown into a peach, ready to be picked.

Of course, Leona understood what he meant, but she was not in the mood to think about that now. Greg hasn't been punished yet, and York is still in hospital. All she's thinking about is how to avenge for York.

She had already lost confidence in man and she would only live with her son after the revenge.

However, it was only her thought from the bottom of her heart. She looked at Samuel with a smile, and her eyes were full of affection. "You want to chase me? Are you sure? "

With these words, Samuel leaned forward a little and reached out his hand, wanting to grasp Leona's hand on the table. At the same time, he stared at Leona and asked, "don't you think I can't?"

But Leona drew her hand back when Samuel was about to touch her and said, "I'm afraid you can't do that. Besides, aren't you afraid that Greg would make you broke again?"

Smiling faintly, Samuel also took his hands back and said, "Since I dare to come here this time, I'm not afraid of him. I'll definitely beat him down sooner or later, and that day won't be far away!"

Leona tossed her hair and said coquettishly, "then let's talk about it when you beat him down. I have something else to do. I have to go now. Remember our agreement, or it will be all in vain even if you sign it!"

After weighing the pros and cons, Samuel finally nodded and said, "Okay, I'll give you half!"

Leona glanced at her w

called Janie many times but Janie never answered. The only time she answered the phone was to tell her not to call her again. And Janie cursed at her on the phone, using almost all the foul words.

Later, she directly changed her phone number, and no more information about her came to Leona. After that, Leona secretly went to the hospital of York several times, but without accidents, she did not see him every time.

Now that she suddenly heard that Leona was here, she got a glimmer of hope in her heart. This was the hospital of Hanni's family. As long as he was willing to help, she would definitely be able to see York.

With an embarrassed look on his face, Hanni looked at her. To be honest, he was also sad for what York had experienced, but he knew Leona for years and knew that Leona did not mean to hurt York on purpose, unlike what the Zhao family said.

If Leona didn't want to be with York, she could refuse to marry him. Moreover, York had poured all his heart and soul for Leona. Even though Leona was iron hearted, she was moved.

He knew Leona first, and he knew York through Leona. To a certain extent, his relationship with Leona was deeper than that of York. Besides, he was different from Janie. He was completely an outsider watching all this, so he could see clearly.

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