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   Chapter 281 A Gifted Son (Part Two)

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"No, I didn't. I'm a good boy. Mommy, what's that in your arms?" However, he was smart enough to see the document in her hands. He asked confusedly all of a sudden. Mommy seldom brought work back home before.

Besides, he saw the numbers on it just now. Mommy majored in design and brought back all kinds of documents, which were different from the thing she brought back this time.

As she held her son's hand and headed home, Leona explained patiently, "this is Mommy's new job. Mommy must know them all!"

Eden tilted his head and said, "But I remember that mommy hates these numbers the most. Why do you choose a job you don't like?"

Looking at her son's innocent little face, Leona felt hard to speak out her plan. How could she explain to her son that she did not like this job, but for the purpose of destroying his father's company in the future?

However, Eden didn't keep asking any more questions. When the mother and the son came back home, Leona went to the kitchen to cook. Instead of going back to his own room, Eden sat in the living room and read the documents that Leona brought back.

He had a keen interest in numbers and computer since he was a child. Especially, he knew that mommy couldn't make it. So as her son, how could he not help?

Sitting behind the pile of documents, Eden was blocked tightly by the piled documents, so that no one could see him.

Leona prepared the dinner in the kitchen and put it on the table, only to find that the lights in her son's room were not on. Where had he gone? She shouted, "Eden, where are you? Come out and have dinner!"

Hearing his mother's voice, Austin instantly stood up from behind the pile of documents and said, "Mommy, I'm here!"

Hearing that, Leona had not expected that her son was reading documents in his own company. She pulled a long face and said, "why don't you go to do your homework, b

I think you worked overtime last night and maybe haven't had dinner yet. Here you are!" Then she pushed the lunch box toward John.

However, John didn't appreciate her kindness. He pushed the lunch box aside directly. He not only had a bad impression on Leona, but also didn't have a good impression of the people in this office. He even had no idea what they looked like.

At this moment, John said coldly, "I don't need your pretended kindness. Take away your stuff. I warn you to forget what you saw just now. Otherwise, don't blame me for being ruthless. This is my idea. Don't try to steal it!"

Leona did not get angry because of his bad manners. In her opinion, people like him were much easier to get along with. At least, they would not hide their emotions, and they would not like you to express them directly.

Compared with those who pretended to be good friends even though they hated him in their hearts, John was much safer.

Leona did not insist. She took her lunch box and sat on her seat. While turning around, she said, "I am not interested in others' idea. I'll use my own idea. However, I think your idea is pretty good, but it seems to be only designed for the high-end groups. Your market prospect is bound to be limited!"

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