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   Chapter 278 Outstanding Offer (Part One)

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Leona walked into the office, surrounded by three examiners. The one in the middle was the boss of Turner, and the other two were the HR manager and the planning manager. Of course, Leona didn't know their identities.

After sitting down, the manager of the planning department asked, "Miss Ling, have you ever worked in the planning department? Here, you only received a junior college's degree, and you majored in advertising design. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with our planning department. Do you think you can do this job?"

Facing the aggressive inquiry of the manager of the planning department, Leona didn't feel inferior, but smiled confidently, "Although I don't have a high education, I have a good learning ability. As long as your company gives me a chance, I can prove to you that you made a good choice. Even if I haven't worked in the planning department, it doesn't mean that I can't. After all, no one is born to work. Many things need to be learnt slowly. I believe that I have the ability to... "

The manager of the planning department interrupted Leona impatiently, "Turner is a big company, unlike those small ones. We need talented people. And we are strict with the new comers. There is no cheater here, and once you are in the company, you must put your effort in the work to make money for the company. We don't have much time for you, so... "

Before the manager could finish her sentence, the boss beside her interrupted, "in fact, I admire Miss Ling's courage very much. You once worked in Yuanhua company and you know how to advertisement design. I advise you to go to the design department, don't you? It might be more suitable for you there?"

However, Leona shook her head and said, "No, thanks for your kindness, manager. I came here to apply for the planning department because I want to accept a new challenge, and I want to have a try here!"

The human resources manager also frowned. It was not only because of Leona's low education background, but also because she was a single mother.

to make it normal and Leona could just think that she was hired through a normal procedure

When he went back to the general manager's office, he immediately called Wayne. "Hello, is that Ms. Zhang? I am the Li of Turner. I have recruited Leona as you have ordered. What to do next now?"

Wayne was sitting in the office. Wayne turned on the hands-free on the phone, so that Greg could hear it. Eventually, Greg shook his hands. Wayne understood him and said, "Well done! You just need to assign her work like what you should do."

After hanging up the phone, the general manager hurried out of the planning department and arranged a desk for Leona. The colleagues around looked at the general manager in surprise.

After all the arrangements were done, Leona and Jessica went back to their desks. The desks stood on both sides of the rooms, representing the two teams.

What Jessica didn't expect was that the person who entered the company with her was this Leona, which was really beyond her expectation.

Just then, the manager of the planning department came over and said to both Leona and Jessica, "You just entered the company. The first thing you need to do is to be familiar with the history of our company. Now go to the reference room and familiarize yourself with all the history. When you are familiar with it, you can start working!"

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