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   Chapter 277 Go Into His Company (Part Two)

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He could give her an unlimited credit card. Moreover, if she wanted to work, there were so many companies under the Wei group that she could go wherever she wanted and she could choose any position she wanted.

However, she just wanted to find a job by herself, so she had to endure some unfairness. Why was she so stubborn? Besides, she has a child, and she doesn't have a high education. It's the last thing for a common company to recruit such a girl.

Greg took out his phone and called Wayne. After a few words with him, Greg hung up the phone and looked up at the window of where she lived. Of course, he needed to take care of his woman and child.

At this moment, Leona was sitting at home with a computer in front of her. She was typing on it with her fast fingers.

When Greg returned to the company, Wayne also came in and said, "Mr. Wei, I have done as you asked. I found that Miss Ling was really looking for job resume everywhere!" As he spoke, he handed a file to Greg.

As soon as Greg read the information, he frowned. All the positions she applied to were the planning department?

She majored in advertising design, so if she wanted to find a job, she should go to the design department. What did she want to do in the planning department?

It was impossible for any company to use her with her condition. What the hell was this stupid woman going to do?

Wayne, who was standing beside them, said, "Mr. Wei, what should we do now?"

Greg put the pile of data aside, thought for a moment, and said, "Let her go to Turner!" Turner was the newly opened subsidiary company of Greg. Leona didn't know that it also belonged to the Wei Group, which could make the situation better.

She could work under his watch and he could rest assured, but she didn't know that it was his company. She could work at ease.

Leona was continuing to send her resume. Suddenly, an invitation letter was sent to her

o smiled and said, "Nice to meet you. My name is Leona!"

Jessica took a quick glance at the resume in Leona's hand. When she saw that Leona only got a bachelor's degree, her enthusiasm was obviously fading away, and she turned to a disdainful expression.

Turner was a well-known company, and the benefits here were very generous. Otherwise, it wouldn't be so many people who wanted to apply for the position of manager of the planning department.

Last night, Jessica's cousin told her that she would definitely be hired by Turner. The recruitment meeting was just a formality.

There were only two persons for this position, and it was hard to imagine how Leona could compete with so many highly educated people

Leona was just after Jessica for the interview. A few minutes, it's Jessica's turn. Jessica smiled with confidence and then twisted her way into the office. After a while of conversation, Jessica returned to her seat with a confident smile on her face.

She knew that she had succeeded in the recruitment. At this time, a voice came from the office, "next, Leona!"

Leona stood up and walked towards the office. Jessica gave her a smile and said, "good luck!"

Leona nodded and said confidently, "thank you!" Then Leona raised her head and walked inside

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