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   Chapter 276 Go Into His Company (Part One)

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When Greg brought Eden back from the kindergarten and went back to her studio, Leona was not there.

Then he took Eden back to the rented house of Leona, but there was no sign that anyone had come back. On thinking of this, Greg became restless. 'Where on earth has she gone?

"Do you know where your mom usually goes?" Greg asked.

Eden shook his head. "Mommy seldom goes out. Every day after work, she will pick me up from the kindergarten, and then we will stay at home!"

"Then what do you usually do?" Greg looked at his son's chubby face. It was his task to pick up Eden as Leona had been ill these days.

Greg wanted to build up some relationship with his son so he did this personally.

Every afternoon, as soon as Eden had finished his work, he took Eden to the club he had specially prepared for his son, in order to practice all kinds of fighting skills. Although Eden still didn't call him daddy, the relationship between them became stronger than before.

Greg was happy about this. As this going on, he believed that his son would definitely recognize him from the bottom of his heart. As long as Eden was on his side, it was easier for Leona to surrender.

Samuel smiled and said, "You can rest assured. Now that I dared to come here, I have made adequate preparations. But it's not easy to bring Greg down. I need your cooperation."

Leona looked at him in surprise. Did he ask for her help? Did she hear it right? She knew nothing about business. All she knew was design advertisements. What could she do to help him in this case?

Samuel continued, "Actually it's very simple. It all depends on whether you are willing to do it or not. And don't worry, I won't let you do anything illegal! You can take time to learn the business. After all, those who don't have the chance to be born are business geniuses. As

indergarten in the afternoon, it was time for the kindergarten to be released from school. Obviously, Leona rushed here in a business suit with a stack of resumes in her hands.

When she saw Greg, she walked over to him and pulled Eden over. "Eden, let's go home. Remember, don't hang out with strangers." she said.

Greg didn't say anything and just walked behind them. Leona stopped and said, "Sir, could you please stop following us? Or I will call the police!"

On the other side, Greg sneered and said, "This is not your road, is it? How could you forbid others to walk on it? I chose this way and it's none of your business. I am willing to walk on this street!"

Looking at his shameless expression, Leona snorted in anger, turned around and left with her son. On the other hand, Greg was following them closely. He didn't stop until he saw she and her son arrived at the house.

Looking at her back, Greg thought that she had resigned from Yuanhua and hadn't got a job yet.

But just now he saw that she was wearing a business suit, and in her hand was a resume. Was she looking for a job?

This silly woman was as stubborn as before. She knew that if she asked, he would give her and her son the best life.

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