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   Chapter 275 Met Samuel Again (Part Two)

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Samuel kept silent as he listened carefully to what Leona was going to tell him. Then he said, "It's almost the same as what I guessed. It's all because of Greg. But I don't understand why he did that.'

However, as her eyes gleamed with resentment, all the previous scenes came into her mind, and Leona said: "He is taking revenge on me. He can't bear to see me own happiness. As long as I am in pain, he will be happy. When he was a child..."

Leona spoke out all the hatred between her and Greg Wei again. She needed someone to talk to, which might not be able to help, but she needed to voice out all the pain in her heart.

When she finally finished, she took a deep breath. She felt relieved a lot after speaking out what she had never said to anyone these years.

Leona said, "I don't blame him for doing this to me. After all, it was my mommy who made him lose Mommy. But I don't care how he wants to take revenge on me. Anyway, he shouldn't have hurt Kristen and you. I'm so sorry for what happened to Zachary. Without me, he wouldn't have done anything to Zachary.

Samuel waved his hand and said indifferently, "I'm fine. The bankruptcy of Zachary only means that I wasn't strong enough at that time. Even if there was no Greg, it couldn't stand big crisis. You don't have to blame yourself for it."

Hearing this, Leona continued, "What's more, York is the most innocent. In order to save my child, he sacrificed the whole Zhao group, but ended up like this. I'm so sorry for what I have done to York, and it's also reasonable for his family to hate me. Now I just hope that York will be fine!"

Looking at her self-condemned face, Samuel waved the spoon in his hand and stirred the coffee in the quilt. A wicked glint fla

til we completely defeat her. In this way, York will also be relieved, right?"

As soon as Leona heard his words, her eyes lit up. She was eager to take revenge at any moment. Right now, Samuel had a way to fulfill her wish.

"Can you really bring him down?" asked Leona anxiously.

But then Leona seemed a little worried and continued, "But Greg is the owner of the Wei group. I don't know how powerful the Wei Group is, but I know that he has branches in a lot of countries in southeast, so it's not easy to defeat him. He is known for his cruel and cold nature in the business world. I am afraid that if your plan fails... "

Leona was really worried about Samuel. She didn't mean to exaggerate it. It was just what Greg did. If it wasn't for her, Samuel wouldn't have ended up like this!

Samuel smiled indifferently. Now that he had the courage to come back, he was sure that he was no longer the man who had let others take everything away.

The most important thing was that he found out Greg's weakness.

As long as they cooperated together, Greg's business empire would be destroyed. Samuel must prove that he was the one who smiled last.

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