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   Chapter 272 Being Refused (Part One)

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That was the reason Leona called him. Greg had been smiling all the time, but Leona's words sent a chill down his face.

But Leona didn't seem to be nervous. Instead, she took a sip of coffee and said, "You promised me that. And I don't want to live here anymore. I'm totally recovered. I want to take Eden home now."

Greg tried hard to keep his anger under control. Leona was totally different from who she had been five years ago. She was not as timid as she used to be.

Her attitude changed, which made him happy and a little disappointed. On the one hand, he was glad that Leona finally became angry again. On the other hand, he liked the woman with confidence.

However, what upset Greg was that Leona didn't need to depend on him anymore. She could totally live a happy life now.

Greg moved closer to Leona and said, "Okay, I'll take you to the hospital." Then he turned around and walked out.

Greg was soon on the way to the hospital with Leona. When they walked on the corridor of the hospital, Leona had mixed feelings on her mind that she would see York soon.

Greg brought her directly to the intensive care unit where York was lying on the bed with the bandage covering his head and body. Beside him, Janie was still sitting on the bed and talking to him, "Brother York, uncle and aunt have come to see you. Do you hear that? If you hear me, just open your eyes and look at them. They are so worried about you!"

As she spoke, Janie's voice became a little choked. These days she had cried many times, even more than the times she cried during the twenty years she had lived together.

With the support of Mrs. Zhao, Arthur came to his son and sat down on the bedside. Arthur looked much older than before due to excessive worry and the pain in his body.

is woman. He could punish her, but not anyone else.

At this moment, Greg said coldly, "Mrs. Zhao, we just want to see your son's wound. Don't be so aggressive, okay?"

Mrs. Zhao was angrier and on the edge of going crazy. Leona was responsible for why York had become what he was today. But Greg was the man behind all this.

When York was still in college, York was with Leona. At that time, even though she didn't like Leona, but York insisted on being with her. They could not strongly oppose it.

After all, Leona was a good girl then. Leona had no shortcomings except that she was born in a poor family.

But it was because of Greg that Leona had abandoned York and Zhao Group was in trouble because of her.

Five years ago, York brought Leona here and raised Greg's child for five years. Just as York was about to marry Leona, Greg came out and made York like this. Mrs. Zhao could no longer hold back her anger.

She pointed at Greg and said, "You're such a bad guy. How did York offend you? How could you hurt him like this? Take this woman with you and get away from this place. This is our place. I don't need you to pretend to be nice to us. Get out, both of you!"

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