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   Chapter 271 I Want To See York Zhao (Part Two)

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Lina smilingly put the porridge and pickles on a small cabinet in front of Leona and said, "Mr. Wei took me here. He said that Miss Ling was not used to being taken care of by others and you didn't like the dishes here, so I came. This is the minced pork congee with preserved egg. I made it for you. Have a try. I remember you liked it the most!"

However, Leona turned her head aside and said, "sorry, Lina. I really can't eat it!" As long as she and her son stayed here, she didn't eat anything. She wanted to see if Greg would really let her starve to death here.

Lina seemed to see through Leona. She sighed and said, "Mrs. Ling, you don't have to do this. In fact, Mr. Wei is really kind to you. I've followed him for so many years, and I've never seen him behave like this for any woman before. In the domestic villas, except for you, no other women has ever lived in!"

Hearing Lina's words, Leona sneered in her heart and thought that's because Greg thought it was troublesome. Besides, with the financial resources of Greg, he couldn't only have that villa, maybe he arranged other women somewhere else!

Lina continued, "No more about Mr. Wei. You have to take care of yourself and the baby even for the sake of yourself. Your body belongs to yourself. So what's the use of doing this? If you got sick, your child will become a person without mother. At that time, how poor this little guy will be."

Her heart sank at the thought of Eden's face. What if she couldn't get better? Leona swore to herself that Greg would bring Eden back to himself. He couldn't live without another woman, and then the same tragedy would happen to Eden again.

Besides, if she died, who would take revenge for York? Yes, she must recover as soon as poss

would take her to see York as long as she recovered, and she didn't want to live here anymore. It made her feel like she had come back to the past.

Lina nodded and said, "Okay, I'll call Mr. Wei now. He must be very happy if he knows that you are finally willing to see him!"

On the other side, Greg was sitting in his office, reading files piled up in front of him when his phone suddenly rang. It was from home.

Soon, Greg answered the phone and said, "what's the matter?" After a while, Greg put down the phone and walked outside. The news that Leona wanted to see him made him very happy.

It was the first time she had asked to see him since five years later. He saw his secretary walking towards him with some documents in his hands. "I need to go out now. If you have any important decision, just call me!" Greg said.

The secretary was startled at the sight of that obvious smile on Greg's face. It was the first time that he had seen that smile from this boss over the years!

When Greg rushed back to the villa, Leona was already sitting in the living room waiting for him, with a cup of coffee in her hand. She said, "I'm going to see York!"

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