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   Chapter 270 I Want To See York Zhao (Part One)

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Leona tried her best to run forward, but she was soon caught up by Greg, who swallowed her into darkness all of a sudden.

"No! Go away! Stay away from me..." As Leona was pulled hard by Greg, she frowned and muttered in a low voice, which was still heard by Greg.

A look of pleasant surprise flashed across Greg's face. She finally woke up. If he had known that it would work, he would have done it earlier.

"Leona, you finally wake up. Open your eyes, don't sleep anymore!" Greg yelled excitedly and sent for a doctor.

Frowning, Leona slowly opened her eyes. As soon as she just opened her eyes, she couldn't stand the dazzling light, so she closed her eyes again. It was not until a while later that she opened her eyes again.

All she could see was a grain of rice yellow. Where was it? She searched carefully in her mind, but found that she had never seen this place. These decorations were not her home at all.

A conversation with the doctor was heard beside her. "She's awake. Can you see if she's all right?"

The doctor quickly came to Leona's side and gave her a general check-up. Then he said with a smile, "Congratulations, Mr. Wei. Miss Ling has recovered, but she is still very weak. She needs to be well healed!"

Greg? Why was he here? 'where am I?'? It took a while for Leona to realize that it wasn't like a hospital as she just woke up. 'Was she brought back by Greg?' she thought.

Where is Eden? Did he bring Eden here as well? Was the devil hiding Eden away from her?

Worried and anxious, Leona said in a hoarse voice, "Eden, my child. I want to see him. Where is he?"

Greg said gently, "rest assured, Eden is sleeping. I'll bring him to see you as soon as he wakes up. What do you want to eat now? I'll have someone do it right away!"

When Leona saw Greg, she still didn't know what was

ted, stooped down on the bed and coughed, face red with anger.

Looking at her expression, Greg felt nervous and said, "York and his family are under the monitoring of the hospital run by HIK Group. It seems that they are invisible to ordinary people."

Then Leona realized that t wasn't as she expected. It wasn't that Greg didn't want her to see York. Still, she didn't give up and continued, "Including you? I just want to know if something has happened to York. If it weren't for me, he and his family wouldn't have ended up like this!"

Greg sighed and said, "I'll make you see him after you get better." Then he left the room.

Soon enough, the door was opened from the outside again. Lina walked in with a bowl of porridge and two dishes. Greg asked her to come here to take care of Leona and her son.

Lina had lived in Greg's villa when she was in China. Leona was quite familiar with this woman, so Leona was surprised to see her now.

When Lina saw Leona, she immediately put on a kind smile and said, "Miss Ling, do you remember me? I'm Lina."

At the sight of Lina, her previous irritability was gradually relieved, and Leona said with a weak smile, "of course I remember. Lina, why are you here?"

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