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   Chapter 269 Don't Want To Wake Up (Part Two)

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At last, all the members of Zhao family came out of the operating room. Although Arthur had a severe heart disease, fortunately, he was rescued in time, and there was nothing serious.

As for York, he was hit by a car and had several broken bones in his body. Unfortunately, his brain was hit, which caused him to be in a coma.

What worried Janie the most was that even the doctor said there was little hope for York to wake up. It was very likely that he would keep sleeping for so long. In other words, he would be in a vegetative state now.

At this time, Janie was sitting beside York's bed, holding his hand and putting it on her face, full of fatigue on her face.

It had been three days since York's car accident. In these three days, Janie took care of him in the hospital, not leaving for even one step.

Hanni and Joyce told her, "There are the best nursing workers here to take care of York all day long. He will be fine. You should go back and have a good rest."

However, Janie didn't hear what they were saying at all. She just stared at York. She felt sad for his affection for Leona. If York wasn't so infatuated with her, he wouldn't be in such a situation today.

At the same time, she hated Leona even more. Since Leona couldn't let go of Greg, why did she give hope to York again? Didn't she know that it was more painful for him than killing him?

Seeing that Janie didn't listen to him, Hanni had no choice but to pat her on the shoulder and said, "I'll go back with Joyce. Call me if anything happens!"

Janie nodded her head and didn't take her eyes off York. Hanni and Joyce could only shake their heads and leave.

There was only Janie and York who was in a coma in the room. Janie caressed his face and kept talking to

her, but he did not turn around with his back to her. Hearing that, Leona shouted anxiously, "Is that you, York? Wait for me. It's so dark here. I don't want to be alone here! "

However, York didn't hear her. He continued to walk forward. Leona tried her best to catch up with him, but she couldn't catch up with him no matter how hard she tried.

Seeing that he disappeared little by little, Leona fell into darkness again. Suddenly, her father, Jonson, appeared there. Just like York, he went ahead too, ignoring her call.

At this moment, she saw a man in front of her all of a sudden. Greg didn't turn his back to her like York and Jonson, but faced to her.

With a ruthless smile on his face, Greg walked to Leona step by step. His cold voice was like a demon in the hell, "Leona, you can't escape. Even if you run to the horizon, I will still seize you back. In this life, you and I are destined to tangle together until we die!"

"No, get away, I don't want to see you!" Leona was so frightened that she turned around and tried to run away. However, as if there was a mountain on her leg, she cried out as she saw that Greg was getting closer and closer.

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