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   Chapter 268 Don't Want To Wake Up (Part One)

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Leona and Eden were brought to Greg'S villa. The gate with carved flowers was carefully carved. There were rockeries, water fountain, various strange flowers and plants in it. There was a big open-air swimming pool in the backyard.

The car came in slowly. Leona was still in a coma, with an abnormal red face. She kept mumbling, "York Don't leave me! "

She called out another man's name while she was in a coma, which made Greg very uncomfortable. But now that Leona was in a fever, he didn't want to lose his temper. He could only look at her in silence.

At this moment, Eden didn't know what had happened between mom and Uncle Wei. But he could feel that his mommy didn't like Uncle Wei. He must protect his mommy in his arms.

On the other side, Greg personally came to the villa with Leona in his arms. The decoration of the villa was as splendid as that of his own villa in China, and it was even more luxurious.

He directly put her in the big bedroom on the second floor. It was the bedroom that he had prepared for Leona.

The taste in the room was different from that in his past. Back home, his bedroom was all black, and here was all beige, because he knew that Leona liked it.

The beige curtains, the big white bed was covered with beige bed sheet, and even the wall was beige, which made the bed seem very warm.

Gently, he put her on the bed. The doctor had already been there waiting for her. He rushed over to Leona and examined her carefully. After a while, he reported, "Miss Ling is fine. She passed out because she was too worried. But..."

Looking at the doctor's hesitant face, Greg said impatiently, "if you have anything to tell me, just say it. Don't prevaricate."

"Yes, sir!" The doctor saw that Greg was obviously unhappy, so he immediately said, "But it's not a problem. It's the most troublesome problem. She can recover as soon as she is in a good mood!"


our mommy is in poor health. What she needs most now is to have a good rest. I bought this place for you. You can live here as you like. Besides, I know you are interested in computer. I can hire a top class teacher to teach you and you can even go to the genius class in college. Is that okay?"

However, Eden wasn't appreciated at all. With a proud look on his face, he ridiculed, "the genius class? I would have gone there if I wanted. Mommy said that the happiness in the childhood was the most important, so I was still at kindergarten. As for whether we will live here or not, we have to wait until Mommy wakes up!" As soon as he finished speaking, Eden directly went upstairs and returned to Leona's room, totally ignoring Greg.

The three of Zhao family were sent to the hospital. On the way, Janie was staying with them all the time. One moment she stood in front of the operating room of York, the next she went to wait at the door of Arthur's.

There was nothing wrong with Mrs. Zhao. She was just overstimulated. At this time, she was arranged in the ward.

Hanni and Joyce also ran to the hospital. In particular, Hanni had asked the hospital to find the best doctor and treated them with the best medicine with the best medicine, with the help of HIK.

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