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   Chapter 267 Sad York (Part Two)

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The shocking blood on the ground slowly faded, and soon the rain turned into a heavy rain, and the blood stains were soon washed away, but could not wash away the bloody wound on Leona's face.

She had owed York too much in her life. Why did the God punish her like this? Even if there should be a car accident, it should be her instead of York.

If York couldn't make it, then she would never forgive herself. Her face turned pale with cold in the rain.

She would rather die with York if something bad really happened to him.

Perhaps she shouldn't have been born in this world. None of the people who had a relationship with her would have a good end. Only when she died could everything end in this world.

The Benz in the distance ran in the rain towards the direction of Leona. There was a determination in her eyes. Leona stood up and staggered to the car.

She had lost the courage to live on. The car was approaching. Leona walked ahead blankly.

A huge sound of brake came through, and the car stopped in front of Leona. The driver was frightened, so he pressed the window down and scolded at her, "if you want to die, don't be a burden to me..."

However, before he could finish his words, he was shocked by a figure full of malicious aura behind Leona. The man's eyes seemed to kill him. He closed the window and drove away.

Although the car didn't hit Leona, her foot in high heels became so soft that she sat on the ground again. There was no expression on her face, and nothing could attract her attention.

An umbrella appeared above her head. Eden stood beside Leona, reaching out his little hand to wipe the tears on her face. He said considerately, "Mommy doesn't cry!"

Leona's eyes slowly fell on Eden. She stared at her son's worried face and her eyes gradually focused on him.

She c

eg put her into the car directly and then got on the car with Eden and left.

"Mr. Wei, where are we going?" Wayne asked while driving.

"Go to the villa and call the doctor there." Greg quickly said an order. The villa was bought by him for Leona.

The car sped toward the villa of Greg. On the way, Leona kept talking by herself, and her face turned abnormal red, "No, listen to me, don't do this. York, don't leave me alone, okay?"

In her dream, however hard she tried to reach out her hand to stop York from bleeding, Leona failed. There seemed to be a transparent door between them, separating them from each other!

Before York left, his eyes were filled with sadness, anger, unwillingness and all kinds of complicated emotions. They were deeply engraved in Leona's heart.

In her dream, she dreamed of the dead Jonson. He looked at her with disgust and said, "You are such a jinx. If it were not for you, how could my company fall into crisis?"

"Look at you, you are just like your mother. You are all bitches who only know how to seduce other people's husbands. You are doomed to be a home wrecker!" Her stepmother's eyes were full of disgust and vicious words constantly filled Leona's ears.

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