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   Chapter 265 The Return Of Demon (Part Two)

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Like Satan in the hell, Greg said, "what are you doing? What do you think I'm going to do? You are my woman, but you are going to be with another man. What do you think I will do?"

His breath sprayed on her face, and the dangerous air enveloped her deeply. Instinctively, Leona stretched out her hand and tried to distance herself from him.

She tried to be calm and said, "We were over a long time ago, and I don't owe you anything. I have the right to marry whoever I want. Why should you care about it?"

However, that force was unbearable to Greg. He leaned forward again. At last, Leona had to turn her head aside and tried not to see him.

"It's over? Do you think you have the final say? Do you think I would let you go so easily since you escaped five years ago?" Greg said as if he was a demon, and the voice hit Leona hard in the heart.

Leona tried to keep calm and said, "We are not in any relationship now. If you don't leave now, I will scream for help. And I can sue you!"

Greg sneered and grabbed Leona's chin with one hand and forced her to look into his eyes. His low voice came again, "We are not in any relationship?" How about my son? I haven't settled the matter that you asked my son to call York Dad!"

Hearing that, Leona's heart skipped a beat again. Did he know who Eden was? No, she would never admit it. After all, Eden was her son, and had nothing to do with him.

At the moment, Leona glared at Greg and said, "Eden is my son. You have nothing to do with him. His father is York, not you."

Noticing that she was still quibbling with him, Greg gripped her face so hard that tears nearly came out from her eyes and her face contorted with pain.

"Stupid woman, do you think you can hide it from me? I've already identified that he is my son. So what else do you have to say?" Greg

here? And he did such thing with Leona right here.

Her heart was filled with resentment, especially when she saw York running out crazily, she was petrified.

Sitting on the floor in front of Greg, naked, Janie glared at Leona with her eyes full of hatred, "How could you treat York like that? If something happens to York, I won't let you go!"

Then she turned around and quickly caught up with York in the direction he left, shouting, "Brother York..."

"York You devil, go away!" With an unknown force, Leona broke away from Greg. She had no time to put on her wedding dress, but staggered and ran out of the room as well.

She kept shouting out loud, "York, it's not what you see. Please listen to my explanation..." Leona cried while running.

The floor length wedding dress suddenly tripped her to the ground, and her knees were broken in an instant, bleeding. However, Leona didn't care about that at all. She stood up again and ran away.

Sitting in the bride's lounge, Greg collected himself together and wore a crooked smile on her face. That was exactly what he wanted. Leona was his woman, and no man could have her except him.

They were meant to be together. This was just the beginning.

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