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   Chapter 263 The Bride Is Her (Part Two)

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"What Alas! " Mr. Shen was rendered speechless by his wife's words, his face turning red and pale.

Through their conversation, Hanni finally understood the reason why Joyce insisted on marrying York. He said to the Shen couple, "if Uncle has any trouble in business, maybe I can help!"

He knew that although Joyce had broken up with York, it was not easy for him to really own her. It was better to get the approval of her parents, so that they would not stop her from being with him.

Mr. Shen took a glance at Hanni and snorted. Now he had straightened out his thinking. What could he do even if the Shen group went bankrupt?

As long as his daughter was happy, he didn't expect that the young man would be able to help him. After all, the Wei Group didn't have much opponent in its League.

At the same time, he also felt that the young man's tone was somewhat arrogant. He wanted to rub against the young man, and said, "do you have the strength to compete with the Wei group?"

With a polite smile, Harley said, "maybe I'm not that powerful, but I think the Wei Group will do me a favor if the HIK Group asks for it!"

Hearing that, Mr. Shen looked at Hanni in confusion. What did he mean by that? That was a big financial group which was as powerful as the Wei group. Did it have anything to do with this young man?

Seeing the disbelief on Mr. Shen's face, Hanni explained quickly, "you may know that the CEO of HIK Group is Mr. Luo, and my name is Luo, Raymond Luo, his youngest son. I think it will work if I ask my father to help me talk to Mr. Wei of the Wei Group!"

As soon as he finished his words, Mr. Shen saw rainbow. He didn't expect his daughter to be lucky enough to pick up a golden man. So he became happy to see Hanni.

The whole Shen fa

y sickness. She'll be fine in a while!"

Hearing that, Hanni was relieved. While the Shen family was having a good time, Arthur and his wife, like eggplant which had been hit by frost, stood beside in low spirits.

It was a heavy blow to Arthur. He stood there and let out a sigh. He didn't lose hope when the company was sold by York. But now he just couldn't stop signing.

York really felt happy for Joyce and Hanni. One of them was his good friend and the other was his childhood playmate whom he regarded as his sister. It was so perfect for them to love each other.

He walked over and said sincerely, "Hi, Hanni, Hanni. Congratulations!"

The two looked at York at the same time and had to sigh that fate had played a trick on them, especially Joyce. If she had discovered her love early, she would not have caused such a situation.

Fortunately, she woke up in time and there was still much she could do. She looked at York with mixed feelings and said sincerely, "thank you, Brother York!"

York and Hanni looked at each other with a smile. Nothing could be said at this moment. York's mood was flying. He had to tell the good news to Leona as soon as possible!

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