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   Chapter 262 The Bride Is Her (Part One)

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On the other side of the red carpet, Joyce stepped on the dazzling red carpet with her father's company after drinking milk.

Different from last time, this time she was unusually depressed, without any joy of entering the marriage hall. At this time, she slightly lowered her head and followed her father slowly.

With every step she took, she felt that she was walking towards the abyss. After today, she was no longer a free person, but York Zhao's wife. She was not qualified to see Hanni since then.

Meanwhile, York, who was standing opposite Joyce, was looking at the direction of Joyce. But he didn't focus on her, he just looked through her. In his eyes, Leona was walking towards him in her wedding dress.

While in the wedding ceremony, the most astonishing one was Hanni, who was standing behind York Zhao. Seeing the bride walking towards them, all kinds of complex emotions appeared in his eyes.

It was Joyce who was York's bride. But he had known York for more than five years and knew that Leona was the only woman in his heart. York loved Leona so much.

Suddenly, he saw the sadness in Joyce's eyes. 'Any woman will be heartbroken if she marries a man who doesn't love her at all, ' he thought.

Since then, why must she marry to York? The woman he missed so much was right in front of him, but she was going to marry another man.

If they really loved each other, Hanni would have let them be. However, they do not love each other. Hanni can't accept that.

Unconsciously, Hanni called out Joyce's name. "Joyce, I have tried so hard to find you."

His voice came to Joyce's ears, breaking through the heavy Wedding March. When Joyce heard his words, she raised her head in shock and her previous blank expression disappeared.

She actually saw Hanni, the person who appeared in her dream every night. Why was he standing behind York? And judging from his dressing, he was obviously the bes

life for the Shen group, no matter how rich she will be. For a woman, the most important thing was to find a man who really loved her.

Mrs. Shen walked to Joyce and said, "Joyce, I hope you can do it as you like. You don't need to worry about us. No matter how important the Shen group is, it's not as important as your life. Don't hesitate anymore!"

He said affectionately again, "Joyce, go with me. I know you love me. Don't lie to yourself. I promise I can bring you happiness!"

Joyce was completely moved by Hanni's words. At this moment, Joyce only wanted to be with Hanni. She turned to her father with tearful eyes and said, "Daddy, we are in true love. I hope you can let us go."

"No way! Your marriage with York has been settled down! It can't be changed! I won't agree!" Mrs. Shen was determined. Shen group was the life-time painstaking efforts of his entire life. If Joyce hadn't married to York, it will be ruined.

Mrs. Shen looked at her stubborn husband, who didn't consider her daughter's happiness at all, and said angrily, "what do you mean? Is your company more important than our daughter? I know your original purpose of building a company is to let Joyce live a better life. But are you going to ruin my daughter's life because of your business?"

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