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   Chapter 261 Accidentally Pregnant (Part Two)

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At that moment, the sight of the dishes made Joyce stomach flip. She covered her mouth and rushed outside.

Unknown why, Mrs. Shen followed her out. Tomorrow would be the happy day for her and York. Joyce couldn't fall ill tonight.

Mrs. Zhao followed her and came to the washroom. Hearing the constant sound of vomiting, she immediately smiled happily and said to Mrs. Shen, "Joyce has a bad appetite recently. After you get married and go back home, I will cook delicious food for you every day, and they are good for your health!"

However, it was like a thunderbolt to Mrs. Shen. She was the only one who knew that nothing had happened between Joyce and York. What had happened to Joyce in the past few days?

As an experienced woman, she naturally knew that it was a fetal reaction in the early stage of pregnancy. But Joyce was not pregnant at all, how could she have a fetal reaction? She had to ask Joyce about it later.

In the evening, when there were only Mrs. Shen and Joyce in the room, Mrs. Shen looked at her with a serious face and said, "Joyce, tell me the truth. Are you pregnant? Who is the father?"

Joyce didn't dare to tell the truth. In fact, she just knew it this morning. These days, when she saw greasy things, she felt nausea. Although she hadn't been pregnant, she also knew some common sense of nausea.

In the morning, she tested the pregnancy test paper and got to know that she was pregnant. She had ever stayed with Hanni, and the baby's father must be him.

But now she had to marry York. How could she tell the truth? "Nothing. I just had a stomachache these days." Joyce replied.

Looking at her dodging eyes, Mrs. Shen had a strong feeling that it was not that simple as Joyce said. She said sternly, "Joyce! Don't you tell me the truth? You can rest assured that no matter what happens, Mommy will always be on your side!"


fe and he didn't want to marry her. At the same time, Joyce didn't pay much attention to it.

The elders of the two families didn't want to make any more trouble because of the farce before, so they held the wedding ceremony in a simple way.

At this time, Joyce sat in the lounge. The make-up artist had finished doing her make-up. Mrs. Shen and Mrs. Zhao pushed the door and came in. They felt very sorry for Joyce who was obviously thinner in the mirror.

Looking at her mother, Joyce managed to make a smile and said, "Mommy, I'm not feeling well. I want to drink milk!"

Mrs. Shen handed a cup of warm milk to Joyce. Looking at the thick milk inside, Joyce unconsciously wanted to vomit.

But she tried to hold on. Joyce barely ate because of her pregnancy these days. She didn't need to go to the hospital because she knew that she was suffering from malnutrition.

Joyce knew that if she wanted to keep the baby, she had to get enough nutrition to keep herself healthy.

In the church, there were a few guests on both sides, and the holy Wedding March began.

York was standing at the end of the red carpet and Hanni was standing behind him. Today, Hanni was the best man of York and was waiting for the bride together with York.

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