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   Chapter 260 Accidentally Pregnant (Part One)

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Finally, Greg saw his son look at him with eyes full of admiration. Greg was thrilled and complacent. "Are you satisfied now?" he asked as he looked at Eden.

Although Eden's heart was filled with joy, Eden didn't say anything to praise him. Eden just nodded and said, "Not bad. You are qualified to teach me!"

Eden was so arrogant that Greg didn't know what to say. As the CEO of the Wei Group, he was in charge of thousands of employees.

At this time, he was playing the game of wrestling. And Eden said he was qualified to teach him. His son was more arrogant than him.

But if Greg kept being led by his son, that would be totally different from his usual self. Eden had already recognized Greg. It was not that easy for Greg to make Eden through his test.

Greg squatted next to Eden and asked, "what would you plan to do after learning fighting skill?"

"I need to protect mom. I'm a man, and I need to protect women." Eden declared.

Greg didn't expect this answer, and couldn't help sighing that it was not enough for women to raise children alone. Greg said again, "It's okay that you want me to teach you, but you have to listen to me and can't tell anyone the secret between us, not even your mommy. Can you do it?"

After thinking for a while with his head tilted to one side, Eden finally said, "Of course, we men should keep our promises!"

Greg smiled again and said, "Okay, from tomorrow on, I'll teach you fighting skills and I've got a fight ring where I can learn more comprehensive fighting techniques. If you take it seriously, I'll show you!"

"Okay, deal!" At this time, the school bell rang. As soon as the phone was ringing, Greg looked into the distance and saw that Leona and York were standing at the gate of the kindergarten.

An unnoticeable smile sprang to Greg's face, he said to himself, "You'd better be happy for a few more days


Sitting in her room, Joyce had lost a lot of weight in the past half month. She used to be weak and now she lost a lot of weight.

Every day she just sat in the room dully, or stood in front of the window and looked at the endless stream of people outside. Everything was handled by her mother and York's mother. She was like a puppet doll at the mercy of them.

Hanni was more silent than before. Now he looked more morose. Although he pretended to be happy every day, everyone could see that he was unhappy. However, Leona and Janie could do nothing about it.

It was the knot in his heart. No matter how others tried to persuade him, he had to face it by himself. Time was the only thing that would heal his wound.

Sitting at the table with the parents of the two sides, Joyce had dinner. Since that day, York hadn't shown up. Every time Arthur called him, he said he was busy.

In fact, everyone knew that it was just his excuse. Now that the company was sold, what else could he do?

Every night when nobody was around, Joyce would take out her phone and turn it on. She looked at the messages sent by Hanni one by one, tears streaming down her face. They were all from my beloved Hanni. They were about to end their relationship.

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