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   Chapter 259 Sacrificed Him For His Son (Part Two)

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As he expected, Eden's interest was aroused. Although Eden had never seen this man before, there was an indescribable feeling in him that made him want to be close to the man.

And he was in a kindergarten now. Even if he went with the man, the man couldn't do anything to him. Just then, Eden caught up with him quickly and stood in front of Greg, saying, "do you mean every part of a person can be a weapon?"

Greg nodded his head as he replied. But they had come to the corner and no one noticed them. He looked at Eden and said, "do you want to learn it?"

Greg had thought that Eden would nod and accept him as his disciple in a hurry. And this was the start up that Greg arranged for the reunion of the father and son.

Of course, he was not so naive to think that after his absence for five years, Eden would accept him at once. Not to mention that he had a deep relationship with York Zhao. He had to let Eden have a sense of admiration for him first.

But to her surprise, Eden didn't buy it at all. He crossed his arms over his chest and cast a scornful look at Greg as he said, "Why should I learn from you? Are you so good?"

Greg folded his arms across his chest as Eden did. He had to teach Eden a lesson as well, or he would look down upon him.

Greg waved his hand and Wayne, who was standing behind him, walked over and said, "Mr. Wei, what can I do for you?"

Greg said to Eden, "I'll let you see whether I am good or not. Wayne, fight with me!"

"What? Mr. Wei, please don't be kidding? I'm your secretary. How dare I hit you?" Wayne wanted to tell Greg that since you are good at fighting, the only result for him was being beaten.

Even if he fought back with all his might, he still couldn't win over Greg!

But Greg didn't hear what he was thinking, and even if he did,

and cried in his heart, 'little ancestor, please let me go!

I'm 27 years old now and I'm not married yet. I can't stand it anymore!

However, God didn't hear him. Greg said to Wayne, "do you hear it? Get up! Don't play dead with me. Let the guy see what's going on with your two moves!"

Although Wayne was on the verge of cursing, he didn't dare to disobey his boss's order. With a long face, he climbed from the ground and once again pounced on Greg.

It was a lot more wonderful this time than the previous overarm throw. To cooperate with Greg, Wayne also didn't want to be beaten too hard, so he took out his best martial arts.

While the two of them were practicing their martial arts here, Eden, who was watching aside, kept applauding in his heart while his eyes were filled with stars.

If he could be so powerful, he could directly knock others down to the ground. So he could protect his mommy from being bullied!

After the fact that Wayne had been knocked over for twenty-seven times, Wayne finally could not stand up. This time, he did not pretend to be weak. He really had no strength.

He could not help but whine in his heart, "for his son, the boss has sacrificed him.'

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