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   Chapter 256 Don't Be Bothered About That (Part One)

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Joyce ran to the window quickly and saw Hanni standing next to his car and looking at her.

Joyce covered her mouth with her hand, tears welling up in her eyes. She turned around and tried to run toward the door, but she stopped after a few steps.

Since the thing was over, there was no need to continue the entanglement. Let them be strangers!

Hanni was waiting for HER. He believed that Joyce must have seen his message and that he wouldn't leave if she didn't get down. He would figure it out anyway.

Hanni sent Joyce another message, it read, "I love you. No matter what happens, I will always love you. I will wait for you here until you agree to see me."

Indeed, Hanni leaned on the car. He stood there still with his hands crossed in front of his chest and his head kept a posture of looking up all the time.

He believed that Joyce must be hiding behind the curtain and looking at him. If she still had feelings for him, Joyce would not allow him to wait.

More than an hour passed, and Joyce saw the message from Hanni. He stood outside and she stood beside the window with him. They looked at each other from the window, but Hanni didn't know that Joyce was also looking at him.

It was raining outside. Britain was a rainy country, and at midnight, the cold rain hit Hanni, drenching his clothes in no time.

However, Hanni didn't intend to get into the car. He still stubbornly stood there, letting the rain hit his face and body. He was being stubborn with Joyce.

In the room, Joyce looked at Hanni standing alone in the rain. She was heartbroken, and tears blurred her eyes.

She couldn't stand Hanni being in the rain. She pushed the door open and dashed towards the gate!

Standing in the rain, Hanni couldn't help trembling. It was late autumn. His clothes had already been wet by the cold rain, and the wind made his lips blue.

When he was

r. When she went back, she would ask her mommy to move away from the hotel they had stayed in. In this way, Hanni would not be able to find her.

After coming back from his parents' home, York directly came to the place where Leona lived. Now that he lost his company, he had more time to take care of them.

Furthermore, York had already begun to prepare his studio. A studio didn't cost him much money, so all he needed to do was to rent a small room.

Leona had quit her job from Yuanhua, so she could not wait to go back to the company. But recently, Hanni was not in good condition. He was too busy to spare time. Therefore, he called to say that he had something to deal with.

Only Janie knew something about him. At this time, Leona, York and Janie were tidying up the newly rented place. Although it was not big, it was still their own company.

York had established a company in England before and he was well connected. Therefore, he was the CEO. Leona, Janie and the disappearing Hanni were the designers.

At this time, while cleaning the table, Janie said to Leona, "Hanni might have a girlfriend. One day, I saw him look at a Pearl Earring obsessively. Then he called me and said that he finally saw the owner of the earring..."

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