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   Chapter 255 Difficult Choice (Part Two)

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But the appearance of Hanni made her feel a different life. She didn't want to live in such a humble way to ask for York's pity. She couldn't live with him after getting along with Hanni for more than half a month.

After Mrs. Shen went back to her room, she talked about it with her father. Hearing this, her father thumped the table and shouted angrily, "Nonsense! How could she change it so easily? It was she who was so desperate to marry York before. Now it's not her say. I won't let it happen. She must marry York. There's no need to discuss!"

Mrs. Shen didn't expect that her husband would be like this. Joyce was the apple of their eye. He was unwilling to say loudly before. How could he change so much?

Mrs. Shen said in a hurry, "Are you out of your mind? It is my daughter's wishful thinking. Can't you see it? I know York doesn't love her at all. Now, she finally accepted the fact. As her parents, we should fulfill her wish!"

Mr. Shen glanced at his wife and snorted, "Anyway, I have decided. She must marry York!"

Mrs. Shen didn't expect her husband to be so decisive, so she got angry and said in a tough tone, "I said no!"

Seeing that his wife was really angry, Mr. Shen sighed, "you don't know, now we have to marry into Zhao family..." Mr. Shen then told everything to his wife.

After hearing this, Mrs. Shen also frowned. She finally understood why her husband had to be married to Zhao family. But how should she talk to her daughter in this situation?

When her mother told Joyce about this, Joyce collapsed on the bed and cried out loudly. It was all her fault. If she hadn't insisted on marrying Brother York, she wouldn't make such a mess.

But it was useless to say that now. Mrs. Shen touched her smooth hair gently and said, "It is Well, if you really don't want to do that, that's fine. Even if

hey would cross each other only because time had deviated from the original track. Now they would both come back to their own lives, so they were destined to become passers-by in each other's life.

Finally, the phone didn't ring anymore. Joyce took it and sent a message to Hanni, saying, "let's break up!"

When she sent the message, she felt like her heart had been emptied.

When Hanni returned home, he kept calling Joyce, but it was still unanswered. He wondered whether she didn't take her phone with her.

Half an hour later, when he was about to call her again, he saw the message from her, saying to break up. Hanni knew that something must be wrong. It was a serious problem.

In fact, when they had been in the coffee shop in the daytime, Joyce's expression changed after she received the phone call. He should have noticed it at that time.

Hanni couldn't wait any longer. Getting changed, he drove out and the car roared towards the hotel Joyce had lived in.

Standing under the hotel, he saw clearly that the light in Joyce's room was off. Hanni kept calling, but no one answered.

At last, Hanni had no choice but to send a message to Joyce. "I'm under your hotel. Let's talk face to face, okay?"

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