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   Chapter 254 Difficult Choice (Part One)

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Joyce was about to say that it was enough for them to take a walk. She didn't want him to think she was that kind of girl. "I..."

The phone rang at this time. Joyce smiled sheepishly and said, "I'm sorry, I have to answer the phone!"

Then she took out his phone. It was her mother, "Hello, Mommy..."

As Hanni enjoyed his coffee, Joyce's face turned dark. After Joyce hanging up the phone, Hanni asked with concern, "What happened?"

The question brought Joyce back to her senses. With a rattled expression, Joyce answered, "nothing. I'm leaving." Then she stood up in a hurry. Coffee stained her dress as she was hit by the coffee.

Hanni took out a piece of tissue in a hurry to help her wipe the sweat off. Then he said, "wait a minute!" Then he rushed to the car and took out the clothes he bought for her. "You can change into this!" he said to Joyce.

Joyce went back to the hotel with a lot of clothes and other gifts. Just a moment ago, her mother told her that York came back.

When Joyce heard the news, a complex emotion emerged in her heart. She couldn't even tell herself whether she really wanted to see York or not.

She went back to her room to put her clothes away before going to her parents' room. At that time, York and his family were already there.

Mr. Shen said, "Now the two kids are at home, let's discuss what we should do next."

In fact, only Mr. Shen and Arthur were involved in the discussion, while the words of others did not count at all.

Mr. Shen had already received Wayne's suggestion. He had to help the two family to unite by marriage, or the next goal of the Wei group was the Shen group.

With the Wei Group's strength, it was easy to destroy the Shen group. In order to keep the company and this family, Mr. Shen must do this.

And now that Joyce was

lking about. You're my sweetheart and I've been pregnant for ten months to give birth to you. No one knows you better than me. You have had a great time these days, which is all in Mommy's eyes. In fact, it is much easier for a woman to find a man who loves her than a man she loves. You are the only baby in our family. I don't want to see you unhappy. As for what you are going to do, you should think it twice."

Her mother's words inspired Joyce. To be honest, she also had a strong feeling about Hanni. But she had always wanted to marry Brother York since her childhood. Now it was a little difficult for her to change.

Looking at her mother's kind face, who was the person she trusted most, Joyce decided to tell her mother the truth.

So she told her mother how she met with Hanni and, of course, she skipped over their relationship. Mrs. Shen nodded her head and said, "It seems that the boy is a good boy. Show him to me someday and I'll tell your father about him.

After Shen's mother left, Joyce felt much more relaxed. Before the presence of Hanni, she thought that she would definitely marry Brother York. Even if she knew that he didn't love her, she was still willing to stay with him.

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