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   Chapter 253 Please Forgive Me (Part Two)

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Suddenly, seeing his parents' sad look, York felt distressed and bowed his head. "Leona's child is kidnapped and the other party requires 200 million pound. If she doesn't pay the ransom, then they will kill the hostage. I have to pay the ransom!"

Mrs. Zhao looked at her son in surprise and said, "So you gave her so much money. Didn't she stay with the CEO of the Wei Group all the time? That's her child! That should also be Greg's. He should pay the ransom. Why should you be the one? No way. I need to talk to Greg!"

York blocked his father's way and said, "She's been looking for him, but he doesn't want to pay!"

His mother trembled with anger. She pointed at York and yelled, "The Wei Group can afford that money. As Greg refused to pay, he must think the child wasn't his. God knew that during that period, that woman hadn't been with any other man. Otherwise, with the Wei Group's fortune, it would be much easier to pay two hundred million. You shouldn't be a hero. Now Zhao Group was gone. What do you think we should do now?"

Hearing that his mother slandered Leona, York immediately said, "No. Mommy, don't talk nonsense. Leona is not like that."

Mrs. Zhao pointed at Arthur and said, "Look at your good son. He still stands by that woman even now. I really don't know what tricks that woman has played on him to make him unable to think about mommy and daddy."

Arthur waved his hand, "Well, it's useless to say that now. Today you're back, and you must have a plan in your mind. Tell me what you're going to do next, and how do you plan to explain to the Shen family?"

Looking at his father, York said, "I've made up my mind. Even if Zhao group has gone for the time being, I'm still studying business management and finance at the University. I hope with my strength, I can build a new Zhao Group in a few year

ght was the last time she liked, because after Hanni sent her back to the hotel, she was alone. She wanted to see the sky lit up as soon as possible. Then she could see Hanni.

The joyful laughters from the streets and lanes were the happiest things for Joyce.

In the coffee shop, Joyce was having a cup of coffee with Hanni. But when they came out of the shopping mall, the latter had bought her a lot of things.

She looked at the Hanni in surprise. They had known each other for more than half a month, and Hanni had spent at least more than a hundred thousand dollars on her.

He is just a designer of a small advertising company. How could he have so much money? Besides, the things he gave her were all valuable, including the clothes he wore. He also had a good taste.

Sometimes she didn't want to be treated like this and struggled to pay the bill. However, Hanni said seriously, "it doesn't make sense to let a woman pay." Eventually, he paid the bill.

It made Joyce more embarrassed. Sitting opposite her, Hanni stirred coffee and put the dessert in front of him on Joyce's plate.

Hanni said, "Later, we will go to the luxury store. I saw a perfume there last time. It must be very suitable for you!"

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