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   Chapter 250 Public Pursuit Of You (Part One)

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"My name is Raymond Luo, but I like being called ME Hanni. Nice to meet you!" Hanni Stretched out his hand.

Joyce looked up and said, "My name is Joyce Shen. Thank you for saving me that day!" Speaking of this, she suddenly remembered what they had experienced that night, and her face turned red again.

Looking at her shy look, Hanni's heart flipped, and they began to talk passionately.

After chatting with each other for a while, they found that they had a striking similarity and shared a lot of interests. At the same time, they shared the same thought on many questions. For a time, they had a feeling of meeting each other too late.

"How about taking a ride?" Suggested Hanni.

"Okay, I also want to take a ride!" Joyce blushed. But her initial shyness was gone. After half a night's talk, she had already taken Hanni as her best friend. So when she heard the request, she readily agreed.

Then they left the bar. Hanni drove on the streets all the way. Although it was late at night, it was still full of people in some places.

The car soon arrived at a park. They got out of the car and then went to the gate. Under the sunroof, they could clearly see the big and round moon as well as the breeze from time to time.

It was quiet around. Staring at Joyce, Hanni's eyes suddenly glowed with affection, as if there was a sea in it and Joyce would be absorbed in it.

Although Joyce was a little flustered, she knew what Hanni meant in her heart. She knew that she should refuse him, but there was a voice in her heart asking her to go up.

"Joyce......" Hanni murmured and gradually moved to the direction of Joyce.

Joyce struggled in her heart. On one hand, she wanted to refuse him, but on the other hand, she wanted to accept him. She was stunned and didn't know what to do.

Unexpectedly, Hanni came to her. He raised his head and kissed her on the forehead. Then he returned to the seat.

He sat back in the chair

kindness, her loveliness, and everything about her were all in his heart. He wasn't willing to lose her just like that.

And Hanni knew that she was with him for the first time. Considering this, he had to be responsible for her.

There was one thing that Hanni hadn't been able to figure out for quite a while. A woman who was about to step into the wedding hall was supposed to be a woman with a happy smile, instead of the one who always had a faint sadness in her eyes.

Hanni said, "But you are only engaged. You still have other options as long as you are not married. You can dislike me, but you can't reject my love. I can feel that you are not happy. So please give me a chance. At least let's have a try, so that I can prove that I am the one who brings you happiness! "

The persistence of the Hanni let Joyce's tears run down. How nice it would be if York could treat her in this way! He might have said those words, but only to Leona.

When Joyce thought about it, she hesitated again. Hanni didn't force her to make a choice. Instead, he said considerately, "I'll drive you back to have a rest!"

At night, Joyce tossed and turned in bed. The moments Hanni saying love to her flashed back in her mind. She stretched out her hand and saw the engagement ring on her left hand.

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