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   Chapter 248 Unexpected Meeting (Part One)

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In the middle of the night, Wayne was restless like a cat on a hot pan. Greg had been missing for a day and a night, and he knew Greg must have gone to save Eden.

Wayne originally wanted to follow Greg, but Greg didn't agree. Greg only asked him to deal with everything in the company and at the same time, allowing no one to know his whereabouts.

He knew it was right, so that Greg could do it secretly, but at the same time, he was worried that it was too dangerous.

When Wayne was lost in his mind, a black shadow suddenly jumped in from the window, which shocked Wayne. It was more accurate to say that the black shadow directly fell in than to jump in.

Wayne ran to the man and unmasked him. It was Greg. Wayne saw Greg's face was as pale as a dead man and his brows were furrowed. There was blood all over his body.

"Mr. Wei, wake up! How did you get hurt so badly? I'll call and send you to the hospital right away! " Wayne panicked and tried to make a phone call.

At this time, a hand grabbed his wrist and said in a hoarse voice, "Don't take me to the hospital. You just need to simply deal with it!"

"But..." Wayne was scared out of his wits and looked at Greg. He could only bind up the wound simply.

"Stop talking nonsense. Bind up my wound. I can't go into the hospital now!" Greg said as he forced himself to stay sober.

Wayne knew that he was right. As a matter of fact, it was not a good idea to go to the hospital. Because all his efforts would be in vain then.

Wayne quickly found gauze and disinfectant and helped to clean up the wound on Greg's body. In fact, except for the gunshot wound, the rest of the injury looked shocking, but it was all minor bruises.

Although the bullet wound had been treated, it still needed to be disinfected to prevent from infection.

As a result, Wayne couldn't deal with Greg

in an uproar. Facing the continuous questioning from the Shen family, Arthur finally broke out. He said directly, "if you have the ability, you can sue me. Anyway, I'm old and it's no big deal if I stay in jail for several years!"

Seeing that it could not solve the problem in this way, Mrs. Zhao said, "Well, we'll talk about it after getting in touch with York. I believe that he has a reason to do so. It's not useful for us to keep fighting!"

Sitting next to them, Joyce looked at the scene of two families quarreling with each other. It had happened like this every day in the past few days, which made her feel numb.

Now she stood up and walked out. Since that night, she often recalled the scene when she had woken up that morning.

The man's face kept lingering in her mind. She did not remember much about what happened last night, but the moment he appeared to rescue her, it was always deeply imprinted in her heart.

She had a sense of safety on him. As if as long as he was by his side, even if the sky fell, he would not hesitate to hold it for her, which she had never felt before.

Joyce just saw him for once that night and even forgot the way they went to the hotel. Let alone the phone number of the man.

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