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   Chapter 247 30 Urgent Hours (Part Two)

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However, as if Eden didn't hear what he said, his big eyes were full of admiration for Greg. He said, "my name is Eden, but you haven't told me your name."

Greg smiled and said, "you can call me batman." He couldn't expose his identity. If he told Eden, then Leona would know.

At first, he thought that Eden was a kid and was easy to fool. However, instead, with a disdainful look on his face, Eden tilted her head and asked, "Do you think I'm a kid? And you lied to me that you were a batman. And... "

Greg looked at him sideways and thought, 'isn't he a kid? Eden behaved like an adult, which made Greg have a strange feeling.

The sound of police siren was getting closer and closer from the distance. Looking at the night, Greg said, "all right, that's it. You go up first!"

But Eden stood still and asked, "What about you? Besides, you haven't told me your name yet. Can we meet again in the future?"

Greg had a headache because he had lost too much blood and he felt dizzy.

Time was running out, so Greg said, "Just call me uncle batman. I still have something to do, and you go upstairs yourself. We'll have chance to meet again in the future! Hurry up! Remember, do not let anyone know my existence, or we will never be able to meet again!"

As soon as Greg said it, he exerted all his strength to push Eden forward and saw him running towards the top of the mountain. Finally, Greg breathed a sigh of relief.

He didn't leave at once. Instead, he hid in a dark corner and saw that a woman rushed out from the crowd and embraced Eden, weeping ceaselessly. It was exactly Leona.

At this moment, she was thrilled to see her son finally came back, stumbled on the ground and covered with mud with his small face.

Holding the little body and listening to his heartbeat, Leona's previous nervous nerves suddenly relaxed.

She held h

lls were flying in the air, and finally swallowed by the thick flame. It was like countless colorful letitias releasing the last moment of life.

The policemen who followed behind looked at each other in speechless despair. Originally, they wanted to get back the ransom, which was the only way to reduce the loss of the victim's family. However, now that the victim even lost all his money, it was unavoidable for them to lose money!

At this time, York did not consider these problems at all. He had already arrived at the western suburbs in a police car. When he saw that Leona and Eden finally met, he was relieved.

A smile of relief finally appeared on the face of York. He walked towards them and directly held both of them in his arms. He felt relieved.

Eden was sent to the hospital, he still needed to do a more thorough examination. Leona was worried about her son and followed there. And York stayed by her side all the time.

Sitting on the edge of a huge rock, Greg smiled with relief until he saw everyone was gone.

He struggled to take out a pack of cigarettes from his chest and lit it. It was already late at night. The mountain was as dark as ink, and only see a little star fire waggling could be seen here.

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