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   Chapter 246 30 Urgent Hours (Part One)

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As the blood trickled down from Greg's arm, Eden said with great care, "you got hurt!"

Greg waved his hand and said, "I'm fine, don't talk!"

He heard the sound from James' gun just now, and now he knew that there was no more bullets in his gun, so he had to subdue James before James could change his gun again.

Otherwise, after James had changed his gun, neither he nor Eden could find a way out alive. He told Eden, "you stay here and don't move, I'll come back and save you!"

As soon as he said that, Greg sprang out of the room all of a sudden, and at the same time, a military thorn appeared in his hand, which was carved with a curve to hold enemy's blood.

Greg shook his hands and aimed at James

With two hundred million cash, York put the leather suitcase into the third trash can at the foot of the eastern suburbs according to their demand. After finishing all this, he left quickly.

Not long after he left, a car rushed in. After it arrived here, someone took out a box in the trash can and got on the car again and drove away. The policemen soon followed it.

The man in the car sensed that something was wrong. Stepping on the gas abruptly, he took out his phone and called James.

James jerked his head to avoid the bullet and quickly took out the bullet to install the gun. At this time, Greg's foot was approaching him.

With a crack, Greg kicked away James' gun and they tussled with each other.

Bang! Bang! A sound of a fist hitting a man's body could be heard. As a result, James punched Greg on his stomach, while Greg hit James on the chest instead.

On the other hand, Evan was watching the fight between Greg and James. His eyes gleaming with excitement. At this moment, he had forgotten all the dangers around the villa. Ever since he was a little boy, Eden had taken that uncle with a mask as his idol.

As agile as Greg was, he hadn't fully recovered from the wound

Seeing what Greg was doing, Eden didn't know what he planned. All of a sudden, he saw that Greg stabbed the dagger into his left arm, and beads of sweat dripped down his forehead.

Gritting his teeth, Greg dug out the bullet he had left there with a dagger. His clothes were soaked with blood, which was horrible to see by Eden.

Eden knew that there was nothing he could do to help. So he came to Greg and carefully wiped the sweat off his forehead with a sleeve.

On the other side, Greg looked at Eden with a pale face and asked, "Hey, buddy, are you scared?"

Eden shook his head and said, "No! Do you feel pain?" Eden looked at Greg's badly mutilated left arm and said worriedly.

"This pain is nothing. If a man can't resist this pain, then he doesn't deserve to be called a man!" Greg uncovered the bullets that he had just dug out and vented the rest of it on his wounds.

Then he lit all the pills with the lighter. With a hiss, a smoke came out of his left arm at once, followed by a smell of burning.

"Wow!" It hurt so much that Greg shivered and passed out.

After a while, Greg woke up again. Seeing that Eden was looking at him with concern, Greg smiled weakly and said, "Hey, now the police are here. I'll take you upstairs, and you can go home."

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