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   Chapter 243 The Unexpected Night (Part Two)

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She recalled what happened last night. She went out drinking alone and met two bad guys. It was this man who saved her.

However, yesterday was the first time they met. And they should Joyce quickly lifted the quilt, and there was a dark red on the white sheet. Immediately, she was like a thunderstorm.

She had actually betrayed Brother York. What if he knew about it? The more she looked at the man in bed, the more she felt familiar. They must have met last night.

But now, Joyce was totally at a loss. She didn't have time to think about that. In a panic, she dressed neatly and left here. She hoped that no one knew about this. She was willing to believe that this was just a dream. As long as she woke up from the dream, everything would be fine.

After left the hotel, Joyce's heart was still beating violently. She had a revenge in her heart.

York just didn't know how to cherish her and played the same act as he did five years ago for Leona's sake. Even she was tired of this.

Thinking of what happened yesterday, Joyce's heart seemed to be gouged out by a knife. She constantly recalled the ruthless back of York when he left.

At the same time, some fragments of last night ran through her mind from time to time. Maybe he had done something sorry to her, then why couldn't she? Otherwise, the world would be so unfair.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that she was right. After all, York had thought that they had been together for a long time. If he found that she was still the first time after they got married, then the previous lie would be blown.

She had to forget what happened last night as soon as possible. Now she wanted to see York right away to calm herself down.

She dialed York's number but no one answered it after a long while. It was in the morning. He

er bang! The jeep without any manpower control rushed down the mountain in an instant.

Bang! Bang! There were several loud sounds in a row. The jeep rolled and fell off the cliff. Then, an explosive sound came.

Rising a huge mushroom cloud from the bottom of the cliff, the whole jeep and the two people inside were all buried in the fire.

Greg watched all this coldly, and then turned and disappeared in the forest again. The whole process only took a few seconds.

As time went by, York was with Leona. He knew that his father would soon find out that he had sold his company. Therefore, he had set his phone to mute mode.

It was the most critical moment. If nothing went wrong, John would have brought all the cash with him before noon. Now he could only sit here quietly with Leona waiting for the kidnapper's call.

Joyce came to the company of York Zhao. As soon as she entered, she sensed a nervous atmosphere. All the employees sat there solemnly, and they were whispering to each other.

Looking at people coming in and out, Joyce grabbed an employee passing by and asked, "where is Mr. Zhao?"

"Mr. Zhao is not the boss of this company anymore. The owner of this company has changed."

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