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   Chapter 241 The First Fight (Part Two)

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The other man beside him was shocked by the scene in front of him. He came to his companion by instinct and said, "You are bleeding. Shall we go to the hospital?"

"Fuck the hospital! Catch that bitch! How dare she beat me! I won't let go of her easily!" The man who was hit on the head shouted.

The moment she hit him, Joyce was scared and dropped the bottle, trembling back.

At that moment, Hanni finally woke up. He held up Joyce's hand and said quickly, "let's go!" Then he dragged her out of the room.

"You two bastards, stop!" The uninjured man also ran after them when he saw them running. Behind him was his companion with a bleeding head.

Hanni and Joyce ran as fast as they could in the night. Hanni looked weak and pretty in appearance, but that was not true.

In fact, when he was in college, he was the champion of middle-distance running in school, regardless of the speed or endurance.

On the other side, Joyce held her high heels tightly and ran with her another hand pulled by Hanni.

Hanni's hair was usually tied with a rubber ring, which had already been thrown to somewhere in a fight just now.

His long hair was about to reach his shoulder and was blown by the night wind. It fluttered softly behind his head, making him look more unrestrained.

Joyce ran behind him and saw everything. At this moment, she felt that she was the princess of snow white and ran in the wind with her prince charming.

They ran for a long time before they stopped. When they saw no one behind them, they leaned against a pillar behind them and gulped.

It was dark outside and the stars were sparkling in the sky. Hanni and Joyce looked at each other.

The wind blew over the cheeks of Hanni, blowing up his soft hair and there was still a

n, Greg walked around the factory but didn't find the room which had been locked up. He frowned and wondered if he had mistaken them.

Instantly Greg denied this thought. He had checked the whole area within ten miles, and according to the sign, Eden was there.

But he still didn't know where the room was, so he needed to look for it again. However, after searching for a long time, he didn't find anywhere to hide.

The sun was about to rise, and Greg frowned tightly. There wasn't much time for him to waste. Greg thought he'd better suggest throw out a bite, and let them tell him where Eden was kept!

Then Greg picked up a stone and threw it inside.

Click. Although it was not loud, it was obvious in this quiet night.

James, who was meditating in a chair, opened his eyes immediately and looked around as quickly as an eagle. At this time, Kenneth heard the sound too. He jumped up from the ground and said, "I'll go to see the little guy!" Then he ran to a corner.

He walked straight down the stairs and came to the basement in a few strides. When he opened the door, he was relieved to see that the little curled up Eden was still lying in the corner.

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