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   Chapter 239 A Cunning Little Thing (Part Two)

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Sitting on the sofa, Leona was about to fall asleep when her phone rang. She almost jumped up when she heard it. But York was sitting next to her. Before Leona could answer the phone, he snatched it from her hand. It was a call from Eden.

York answered the phone in a hurry. "Where are you, Eden?"

Hearing his voice, Leona's heart sank. Was it from Eden? Then Leona also shouted loudly, "Eden, where the hell are you? Did they beat you? Tell Mommy! "

However, no one answered. Just as everyone was wondering, some rustling sounds came through faintly. Then, Eden said, "Can you help me open the bottle of water? I want to drink water! "

Then came another man's voice, "Well, little guy, you are sensible, otherwise I won't help you!"

"Thank you!" Eden said politely again, but apparently not talking to Leona. Immediately, the others realized that it was Eden who called them secretly.

The detecting instrument was working fast as it searched the signal. Suddenly, a roar came from the other side of the phone, "you asshole! How dare you."

The signal of the phone paused. The other side of the phone fell into a panic.

Eden was kicking the watch to the back of a chair. But he forgot one important thing. It flashed during the phone call, and that was where the light came from.

When Kenneth was opening the bottled water for Eden, he seemed to hear something. He immediately became alert and looked around as if he had heard something.

All of a sudden, he saw a flashing light behind the chair behind Eden. He strode forward and bent over to pick up the watch behind the chair. As soon as the watch was picked up, he turned his head and stared at Eden ferociously.

"Bastard, I thought you were clever enough to cooperate with me. But now it seems that I was wrong. You are secretly calling someone. Do you

ng as we give the money to them, Eden will come back safely. Believe me."

Although Leona knew that York was right, she still couldn't calm down. It was because of connection between the mother and son that she felt her heart suddenly tightened, as if someone was pounding her heart with a heavy hammer.

She knew there must be something wrong with Eden. Others couldn't understand the feeling, but she knew there was nothing she could do no matter how anxious she was now. She could only nod and keep sobbing.

In the bar, Joyce was drinking one after another. A lot of alcohol and her depression made her drunk at once.

She lay prone on the table with her drunk and hazy eyes, and kept pounding the table with one hand, shouting in a rush, "bring me the wine, I want to drink!"

Two rascals in ragged clothes appeared behind Joyce. They gave each other a look and came behind her.

A punk reached out and held around Joyce with his arms and whispered in her ear, "little girl, it's boring to drink alone. Let me keep you company, okay? "

Although Joyce was drunk, she didn't lose her consciousness. At this moment, she pushed the man aside wildly and shouted, "Go away, I don't want you to accompany me!"

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