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   Chapter 238 A Cunning Little Thing (Part One)

Money Darling By Mouse Characters: 6208

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Clearly, the person at the other end of the line didn't expect that it was York who answered the phone. Feeling alarmed, he asked, "who are you? That woman called the police?"

"Don't get me wrong. I'm her fiance. We've been raising funds as soon as possible under your request. But how do we know whether you have the kid? Besides, whether he is safe or not, I want to hear his voice.

York was talking with the man on the other side of the phone in a leisurely manner while looking at the police beside him. That police was making a gesture to him, indicating that he should try to stall for time and they were about to track the man's location.

Daniel gestured to assure and continued to deal with the man. However, no one had expected that the man would suddenly let out a cold laugh and said, "Cut the crap. If you don't believe me, just wait to collect his body!" He hung up the phone quickly.

After he saw that the phone had been hung up, York anxiously looked at the police next to him. However, the police had no choice but to spread out his hands and said with a pity on his face: "This guy is so cunning. We are soon going to track his location, but he suddenly hung up, so we failed in chasing him. It seems that we can only wait until he makes a call again!"

Another policeman said, "The culprit only give us twenty-four hours. You'd better get the money ready during this period of time. We have to make two preparations in advance to ensure the safety of the hostage!"

York nodded and said, "Don't worry. The money will be sent here before noon tomorrow, but I require you to do it after the child is saved. I just want to ensure the child's safety!"

"Please trust us. We will do our best!" One of the police said.

Leona's heart was gripped by fear. She was afraid that there might be something dangerous happening to Eden. N

calm in such an emergency, let alone a child. Therefore, Kenneth liked Eden very much. He handed Eden bread and water and said, "kid, are you hungry? Here you are."

Eden leaned back and kicked the electronic watch to the back of the chair. The cell phone was the one York had bought for him.

Previously, when he was alone here, Eden took off his watch bit by bit using his mouth. His tender hands and wrists had been rubbed, but he didn't shed a single tear.

He knew that if he could escape from it, it would depend on this watch. He believed that his mommy must have called the police. As long as he could call Mommy, the police could easily find his location by searching the signal of the mobile phone.

However, he had tested many times before, but the signal kept still. The air window over his head didn't let him see the outside. He guessed that it was because of the confined space.

At the moment, when he saw a man coming in with the door just open, he was overjoyed. This signal might be able to spread out.

At this moment, Leona's mobile phone suddenly rang, which instantly attracted everyone's attention here. A leader of the police officer quickly came over and said, "quickly, check the location of them!"

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