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   Chapter 237 Golden 24 Hours (Part Two)

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Leona looked at York in a daze, as she couldn't believe what she had seen was true. Just now, she had thought that she was surely not able to save Eden, and she desperately wanted to die in pain.

But only for a moment, she had enough money to save Eden's life. Wait, why did York say that all his property was in that case?

Hanni also looked at them in a daze. He had known that York loved Leona with his heart and soul, but he did not expect that York could do so for her.

York has been with him since he knew about the kidnapping. When did he call the lawyer to collect all his property?' Just preparing this took some time.

Leona pushed back the document bag handed over by York and said, "York, I can't do that. I know your intention to do that. But how can you explain it to your family?"

York smiled, "Leona, these are all yours now. If you don't believe me, open them!"

His words made Leona more confused. She opened the file and found that it was written with her name. She looked at York in shock and said in a trembling voice, "York, this is..."

York smiled, "Before today, I transferred all my property to you. I'm just a pauper. Now you are not going to sell anything I have, but yours. What are you hesitating for? The most important thing is to save Eden. He will be afraid. The earlier we save him, the less dangerous he will be!"

Leona couldn't accept this sudden change. She held the document bag in her hand and cried for a while. Her feelings could not be expressed in words.

Her eyes were full of deep gratitude now. She looked at York Zhao and said tremblingly, "York, I..."

York put his index finger on Leona's lips and said softly, "I know

day he met Leona. Everything should have been fine. If it were not for Leona, they would have perfectly entered the wedding hall and lived a happy life.

It was all because of Leona. She took away not only York, but also her own happiness.

At this moment, she was holding a glass of wine in her hand and seemed to see through the orange liquid that Leona smiled a victory in front of her. She drank it up again and muttered, "Leona, I hate you! Why are you here? "

In the quiet room, the policemen occasionally exchanged a few words with each other, and York was always by her side. He grabbed her hand and sat on the sofa next to Leona. Everyone looked at her cell phone from time to time.

In the quiet night, Leona's phone suddenly rang. Everyone turned to the phone and Leona answered it immediately.

Once again, there came an old voice inside, "You'll raise money twenty-four hours a day, and I'll contact you at this time tomorrow!"

"One day is too short. I can't raise so much cash in such a short time. Can you give us a few more days?" York grabbed the phone from Leona and bargained with the other.

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