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   Chapter 231 Eden Was Kidnapped (Part Two)

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Hanni's face turned pale with fright. After a long time, he managed to get up from the ground. 'oh no!' he thought to himself, 'I sent Eden to the kindergarten, but he just lost him. What should I do to explain this to Leona?'

He thought he should tell Leona immediately. Then he took out his phone and called her.

Leona got up early in the morning. After she freshened up, she kept sitting there and looking out of the window blankly.

She had basically finished her work in Yuanhua advertising company, and could hardly go to the company. She didn't know what to do when she suddenly had time off.

It was an especially special day today. Last night, Joyce called and said that it was the wedding day for her and York. And Joyce was so kind to Ask her to attend their wedding.

Joyce was challenging Leona, declaring that she would win in the end. But it didn't matter to Leona at all.

York was going to get married, which meant that he would live out of her life for the rest of his life. Although she had thought that she could accept his marriage before, she didn't mind that.

But now she finally knew that she still cared about it from the bottom of her heart. Once she hated it most to be a third party in other people's marriage. Her mother played such a role, and this was also the fate of her miserable life.

Not only that, but also Eden would bear the disgrace of being an illegitimate child. She didn't want Eden to be involved in such an embarrassing identity again.

Looking at the clouds in the sky, Leona sighed softly. What was to be gone was to be left in the past. In the future, what she had to do was to carefully bring up Eden. As for other matters, that didn't matter!

When she was in a daze, a sudden ringtone scared her. She looked for her cell phone in her bag for a long time. Finally, she found it.

She saw it was a phone call from Hanni. "Hello, Hanni what? You mean Eden was kidnap

sed her head to look at Hanni and said, "we're going to York Zhao's wedding!"'

Hanni was in a dilemma. He knew that the engagement between Leona and York had been cancelled. In the past few days, he and Janie tried their best to avoid bringing up York in front of Leona, in order not to make her sad.

At the moment, Eden was lost. It was not appropriate for Leona to go to York's wedding. In a fluster, he said, "but I think we still..."

However, at this moment, Leona grabbed the key in his hand and ran to the car not far away.

The bride's wedding dress was long on the ground. This was the new dress that Arthur asked his assistant to work overtime to make. Although it was produced in a short time, it could be seen that it was designed by a famous designer.

The church was quiet. Except for the sound of the wedding march, no one spoke in the house, and everyone was looking at the bride coming from the other end of the red carpet.

At this time, Joyce's father supported his daughter with his hands and came to York. They stood in front of the priest and listened to the announcement of the wedding ceremony by the priest. He said, "Mrs. Shen, I am asking whether you will bear birth, age, sickness and death Protect him all the time?"

Joyce said happily, "I do!"

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