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   Chapter 227 Do You Want Me To Marry You (Part Two)

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At this moment, when York looked at their backs, he had mixed feelings. He had seen his mother and Mrs. Shen beating Leona with his own eyes just now, but he did not stand out to protect her.

It was not that he didn't see Leona asking for help, but he was worried about the baby in Joyce's stomach. At the same time, he was angry that Leona pushed her.

But when Greg was about to take her away, he felt that Leona was taken out of his life, so he ran out quickly and wanted to get her back and explain to her patiently.

When Arthur saw that York was going after that woman, he shouted aside, "stop!"

However, at this time, what York only wanted was to take Leona back. He did not listen to his father and continued to run outside.

"You unfilial son! You are making me mad!" Seeing his son disobedience, Arthur stood up anxiously, but he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest, covering his chest and fell to the ground.


"Mrs. Zhao!"

"Uncle Zhao!" All of a sudden, Arthur was surrounded by these people. At this time, as soon as York left the room, he suddenly heard a cry from behind. He turned around and saw his father lying on the ground, unconscious.

Suddenly, York had no time to chase after Leona but turned around and ran back. Mrs. Zhao quickly took out the medicine from the pocket of Arthur's shirt, put it into his mouth and then shouted, "call the ambulance!"

All of a sudden, the room was in a mess again.

Leona was taken out of the room by Greg. As soon as he came out, Leona struggled and said, "thank you. I can walk myself!"

However, Greg still kept unmoved. He walked directly to the car parked outside the door, gently put her on the back seat of the car, and then quickly went to the dr

ense of security, Leona also wanted to have a home. Did she really want to marry?

Greg was hostile to the marriage from the bottom of his heart. In his eyes, marriage was the most unreliable relationship, because either of them could easily destroy a marriage.

His parents were the best example, for he didn't want to get married in his life, nor did he want to have a child.

In his eyes, a child would rather be born to this world if he grew up without parents' love. And he did not believe that he would love a woman all his life. Therefore, he did not want his child to grow up without father's love or mother's love.

"You want me to marry you?" At the same time, Greg frowned and looked at Leona as usual. She had a big appetite, because if she married him, she could own half of his property.

But Leona sneered and said, "Mr. Wei, when can you get rid of your narcissistic tendency? Don't think that you can ignore others' dignity just because you are rich. I won't marry you even if you are the only man in the world!"

After saying that, Leona touched her hair and said again, "thank you for saving me today. You can just put me down here!"

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