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   Chapter 225 Troubles (Part Two)

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At this time, Arthur Zhao's voice came from the inside and said: "Miss Ling, you don't have to go. I also have something to tell you. We are going to have dinner. Would you like to join us?" Then a few people walked out of the office of York, the head of which was Arthur.

He snorted when he saw them and walked towards the elevator with his chest out.

When passing by the Secretary, Leona said in a low voice to her and then followed York into the elevator.

The secretary looked at Leona doubtfully. Why did she ask her to tell the receptionist leave?

When the Zhao family came to the lobby downstairs, Arthur took a look in the direction of the front desk on purpose, and did not see the receptionist who stopped him just now, who had changed into another person.

His identity didn't allow him to dwell on such a trifle. Once again, he looked around gloomily and said, "York, tell them, who am I?"

York was confused by his father's words, but he still stood up and said obediently, "Everyone, this is my father. He came from the domestic headquarter today to inspect the operation of the branch company on purpose!"

In fact, even if he didn't say it, people already heard it from the way Leona addressed them just now. At this moment, they were all very quiet.

Arthur nodded and said with a gloomy face, "let's go!"

They arrived at a very luxurious hotel. Arthur was sitting on the main seat, with his wife on one side and Mr. and Mrs. Shen on the other.

York sit opposite them. Leona and Joyce sat at both sides.

In the face of such a scene, Leona felt that it was like a court trial. York and she were the sinners.

She felt even more restless, especially when they looked at her in the same eyes. She could not help but nervously gripped her hands under the table.

ted at Arthur, "Mr. Zhao, how do you explain this matter?"

Arthur became angry because of York, "You, you ungrateful son, are pissing me off! If you didn't want to be with Joyce, why did you make her pregnant? What on earth did this woman do to you? Why did you do this for her?"

The room was a total mess. At that moment, York didn't know what to do. However, he firmly believed that he would not lose Leona no matter what happened.

He knew the consequences of doing so, but he did not regret for what he did for Leona. All the good things in the world could not be obtained by one person. It was time for him to make a choice.

Shen's mother also shouted, "Your Zhao family is bullying us! How dare you ignore the feelings of our family for so many years! If you continue to treat we like this, it will kill Joyce, won't it?"

Mrs. Zhao pointed her finger at Leona and said, "You're a shameless woman. It was because of you that York was sent abroad. Five years ago, the Zhao Group was nearly swallowed by others. What did we owe you in our previous life? Should we make amends like this in my whole life? There are so many men in this world. Why do you just keep harassing our York? "

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