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   Chapter 223 No Time For You And Your Son (Part Two)

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With his hands clasped, Eden lowered his head and said, "I think my godfather is a good man too. But if he is with other women, there will be their boyfriends as well. By that time, he will not like me anymore!"

Not expecting her son to say something like that, she asked hastily, "Eden, who told you that?"

Eden shook his head and answered, "No one told me. I guessed it by my guess when I heard mom and Dad talking in the washroom that night."

Hearing what Eden had said, Leona suddenly felt a little unhappy. It seemed that she had only cared about York in the past, but had ignored how Eden felt. Children had to grow up in a complete family, which was beneficial to his spiritual health.

Maybe she should have married to York instead of compromise. But Joyce's words made her trapped in another contradiction.

She had known that York's parents didn't accept her since seven years ago. At that time, they hadn't accepted her yet. Now it was even more impossible for them to accept her. What should she do?

After York came back from the bathroom, he had no idea what was going on here. He just wanted to finish the dinner with Joyce, and then he could go back to see Leona and her son.

After lunch, he sent Joyce back to the hotel and turned around to leave.

But at that moment, Joyce grasped his arm and asked, "It's late. Where are you going? Don't go, I'm afraid of being alone!"

York pushed her hands away and said, "There are still a lot of work to be done in the company. I have to go back to the company to deal with!"

Joyce knew it was just an excuse of York. He just wanted to go back to be with Leona. She was extremely jealous of him and tightly held him back.

"What if I slip down and fall down af

se. 'Now he has to have an appointment to see his son?' He flew into a rage and said, "I'm Mr. Zhao's father. Do you need me to make an appointment with him?"

However, the receptionist didn't buy his story. She said with sarcasm, "Many people want to see Mr. Zhao with various excuses, although most of them are young girls and not many men. You are the first one to make such an excuse. I'm sorry. I can't let you in without an appointment!"

Mr. and Mrs. Shen burst into laughter. They believed that Arthur had some prestige in C City, but he was treated as a liar now.

Arthur felt ashamed to be laughed at by his relatives in law, so he took out his phone directly and dialed York's number.

He also glared at the receptionist and said, "I'll ask Mr. Zhao to pick me up personally later. I'll ask him to fire you!"

However, there was no answer after a long time. The receptionist was worried at first that this person really had something to do with Mr. Zhao.

But when she saw that no one answered his phone call, she showed a disdainful look again and said, "Mister, have you made a mistake? Maybe your son is not a member of our company."

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